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What is the relationship of the english comprehension to the academic performance? 

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Reading comprehension has a significant relationship with academic performance in English. Several studies have shown that students' reading comprehension skills positively impact their academic achievement in English . The greater the students' reading comprehension, the better their academic performance in English . However, the relationship between reading comprehension and academic performance may vary across different grade levels . Additionally, the study found that there is no significant difference in reading comprehension and academic performance based on gender . It is important for teachers to focus on developing students' reading comprehension skills as it has a direct impact on their academic success in English .

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The study found a statistically significant relationship between students' reading comprehension and their achievement in English.
The study found a positive and significant relationship between reading comprehension and academic performance among high school students.
There is no significant correlation between learners' English comprehension and their academic performance.
The study found a significant relationship between reading comprehension and academic performance in English among Grade 7 learners.

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What is the relationship between English proficiency and academic performance in grade 10?5 answersEnglish proficiency has a significant impact on academic performance in grade 10. Studies show that English proficiency levels, including grammar, reading, and writing, are closely linked to academic achievement. Non-English speaking students face challenges balancing academic content and language learning, with varying attitudes and psychological states affecting their performance. Additionally, research on Nigerian secondary school students indicates a relationship between English proficiency and academic achievement. Furthermore, a study involving college students found a strong correlation between English proficiency levels and academic performance, with differences observed based on factors like age, sex, and course. English language learner students' proficiency scores were found to correlate with math and reading performance across all grades, highlighting the importance of English proficiency in overall academic success.
What is the relationship of English verbal proficiency and academic performance?5 answersEnglish language proficiency has a significant positive relationship with academic performance. Studies have shown that as English proficiency increases, academic achievement also improves. The level of English language proficiency is related to various aspects of academic performance, including stress/intonation, verbal abilities, correct usage, reading comprehension, spelling and punctuation, identifying errors, and logical organization. Additionally, there is a strong correlation between English language proficiency and academic achievement in specific subjects such as Biology. It has been recommended that language proficiency training and courses be provided to students to enhance their academic success. Overall, English verbal proficiency plays a crucial role in determining academic performance, and improving language skills can lead to better academic outcomes.
How does the level of reading comprehension impact academic performance?4 answersThe level of reading comprehension has a significant impact on academic performance. Students with higher levels of reading comprehension tend to have better academic achievement. It was found that students' reading comprehension skills were developed and positively correlated with their academic performance in English. The study also revealed that the greater the students' reading comprehension, the better their academic achievement. However, it was noted that there is no significant correlation between reading comprehension and the acceptance of a specific learning modality to students' grades in English. Therefore, it can be concluded that a higher level of reading comprehension is essential for academic success, and teachers should focus on developing students' reading comprehension skills to improve their overall academic performance.
How does reading English affect academic performance?5 answersReading English has a significant impact on academic performance. Several studies have shown a positive relationship between reading comprehension and academic achievement. The greater the students' reading comprehension skills, the better their academic performance in English. English proficiency also plays a role in academic performance, with higher proficiency leading to better overall GPA and grades in writing-intensive courses. Additionally, factors such as vocabulary size and reading motivation have been found to influence reading comprehension performance in college learners. Therefore, it is important to focus on developing reading skills and providing support and interventions to improve reading performance, especially in English, to enhance academic success.
How does english literacy affect academic performanxe?4 answersEnglish literacy has been found to have an impact on academic performance. Several studies have explored this relationship. Tian and Zhang found that language ability significantly predicted academic achievement, with learning ability mediating between language ability and academic achievement. Green discussed the problems posed by low-proficiency users of English entering undergraduate studies and highlighted the need for a language-aware pedagogy to make content accessible. Geide-Stevenson's research showed that English proficiency positively impacts academic performance, although the relationship is non-linear. Sebolai's study investigated the extent to which an English proficiency test could measure academic literacy and found that the test was not a measure of academic literacy. Sanip and Zulkifli conducted a study on medical students and found no significant correlation between English literacy and academic performance. Overall, these studies suggest that English literacy plays a role in academic performance, but the relationship may be complex and influenced by various factors.
How does reading comprehension affect the students' academic performance?5 answersReading comprehension has a significant correlation with students' academic performance. Students who have higher reading comprehension skills tend to achieve better academic results in various subjects, including English, math, and science. The ability to analyze, interpret, and argue about a topic that has been read allows students to respond effectively in different fields of knowledge and solve problems, leading to improved academic performance. Implementing reading comprehension as a focus learning material and integrating it with other aspects of English academic achievement can contribute to increasing students' overall academic performance. However, the relationship between reading comprehension and academic performance may not be affected by the students' chosen learning modality or their level of acceptance of distance learning. Further research is needed to explore the role of gender in reading comprehension and academic performance.

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Students face various difficulties while studying, including challenges in understanding Newton's Third Law of motion, coping with ADHD symptoms affecting academic performance and interpersonal skills, adapting to online learning tools and technical glitches, struggling with vocabulary learning such as connotations, idiomaticity, and pronunciation, and encountering obstacles in reading comprehension like unfamiliar vocabulary, sentence comprehension, and identifying main ideas. These difficulties range from conceptual misunderstandings in physics to practical issues with technology and language skills. Addressing these challenges requires tailored educational approaches focusing on enhancing understanding, providing support for ADHD symptoms, improving online learning experiences, implementing effective vocabulary teaching methods, and enhancing reading comprehension strategies.
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Receptive skills in language, such as reading and listening, offer various advantages in language learning. These skills are crucial for understanding and interpreting spoken and written language. They help learners comprehend the main ideas, details, and implied meanings in texts, enhancing overall language proficiency. Additionally, developing receptive skills aids in vocabulary acquisition, improving the ability to identify meanings of expressions used in discourse. Furthermore, these skills enable individuals to engage with different text types, accents, and speeds of speech, enhancing their overall language comprehension. Overall, honing receptive skills through activities like reading and listening exercises can significantly boost language learning outcomes and communication abilities.
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Listening to literature plays a crucial role in enhancing students' comprehension skills. Literature provides valuable material for teaching reading comprehension, helps in developing skimming and scanning techniques, and enhances interpretative abilities. Additionally, academic listening challenges faced by international students can be overcome through strategies such as memory, cognitive, and social strategies, ultimately improving their listening comprehension skills. Moreover, the importance of listening skills in ESL and EFL learning is highlighted, emphasizing the impact of educators on the development of students' listening skills. By incorporating literature into listening practices and promoting interactive discussions, online learning platforms can further enhance students' comprehension and autonomy in listening tasks. Overall, listening to literature not only aids in comprehension but also fosters critical thinking and language acquisition skills.
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Listening to literature enhances students' learning by improving their language skills, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Literature provides rich linguistic input, stimulating students to practice and enhance these skills, along with grammar, vocabulary, and critical thinking abilities. Incorporating literature into language teaching helps students develop efficient learning strategies and build their English listening capabilities. Additionally, using digital short stories in language classrooms has been shown to improve language learners' listening skills, vocabulary acquisition, and cultural awareness. By engaging with literary texts through listening, students can gain exposure to complex grammar structures, diverse vocabulary, and different cultural perspectives, ultimately enhancing their overall language proficiency and comprehension.
What are the specific positive effects of technology on students' reading abilities in local RRLs?
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Technology has shown positive effects on students' reading abilities in various contexts. Studies have highlighted that technology-based interventions, such as Achieve 3000, can significantly enhance reading skills. Additionally, research in South Africa demonstrated that a multimedia reading program led to substantial improvements in local-language reading fluency and comprehension among rural learners. Furthermore, the use of educational technology, including e-books and online tools, has been found to benefit EFL students by improving reading speed, comprehension, and writing skills. These findings collectively emphasize the effectiveness of technology in enhancing reading abilities, especially in local rural and ESL populations, showcasing its potential to support diverse learners in improving their literacy skills.
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Understanding arguments in newspaper articles is crucial for Malaysian ESL students as it enhances their higher-order thinking skills. Analytical writing and argumentation skills are essential for effective academic writing, promoting cognitive skills and analytical thinking. Additionally, developing critical thinking literacy levels is vital for ESL students, especially in rural areas, to comprehend and analyze arguments effectively. Moreover, vocabulary knowledge plays a significant role in reading comprehension, affecting how students understand and interpret texts, including newspaper articles. Therefore, by improving argumentation, critical thinking, and vocabulary skills, Malaysian ESL students can better engage with and comprehend the arguments presented in newspaper articles, enhancing their overall academic proficiency and cognitive abilities.
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