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What is the second mutation of Covid? 

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For example, the D614G mutation of the COVID-19 S protein caused by A23403G may increase the ability of the virus to infect cells (3).

It is because, introduction of COVID-19 to nature was an outcome of mutation from two of its pre-existing forms, although, debate on it is still continuing.

We find that a second wave of COVID-19 occurs across a broad range of plausible model input parameters, on account of instabilities generated by behaviour-disease interactions.

In this context, our results showed three potential candidates for a second wave of COVID-19 disease: USA, Russia and Brazil.

This is the second family reported to carry this mutation.

The stabilizing mutation falling in the endosome‐associated‐protein‐like domain of the nsp2 protein could account for COVID‐2019 high ability of contagious, while the destabilizing mutation in nsp3 proteins could suggest a potential mechanism differentiating COVID‐2019 from SARS.