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What is the use of amino acid in Hindi? 

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The SAR of the amino acid indicates that the carboxylic acid is required for inhibition and that L-histidine is the most favored amino acid.

Glutamate is truly a functional amino acid.

Glutamate: a truly functional amino acid
01 Sep 2013Amino Acids      137 citations

Leucine is the most effective amino acid in this regard.

Highly functional free-form amino acids, like γ-aminobutyric acid, are found in significant levels and suggest that amino acid analysis could play an informative role in nutrition.

Analysis of its amino acid composition supports its acidic nature.

It is also suitable for many other biological amino acid mixtures.

Owing to the fact that half of all amino acids are essential, reduction in protein synthesis and amino acid oxidation are the only two measures to reduce amino acid demand.

The use of ready-to-drink amino acid mixtures may be a useful strategy for lowering the high-GI rice diets consumed in Asia.

Because the organism is forced to use the d-amino acid or amino acid derivative as the sole source of the essential or semi-essential amino acid being replaced, and because a free amino acid diet allows better control of composition, the use of all-amino-acid diets for such determinations may be preferable to protein-based diets.