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What is training in artificial neural network? 

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The artificial neural network (ANN) is a computational method based on human brain function and is efficient in recognizing previously trained patterns.

This training set can also guarantee effective learning andcomprehension of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN).

Among these, the artificial neural network (NN) system appears to be a powerful tool to tackle situations in w...

In this paper we propose an approach for Artificial Neural Network training based on optimization by continuation and meta-heuristic algorithms.

The neural network however has a simpler model training procedure, boarder choice of training data, and smaller computational cost.

It has been shown in this paper that application of differential evolution algorithm to artificial neural networks training can be an alternative to other training methods.

This artificially expanded data set is then used to train the artificial neural network in the conventional manner.

Artificial neural network is proved to be an effective algorithm for dealing with recognition, regression and classification tasks.

The artificial neural network has the ability to generalize and can interpolate in between the training data.

The results of the study also show that training algorithms have an impact on the performance of an artificial neural network classifier.