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What phones run graphene? 

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This is a significant step for all-graphene thin-film devices for integrated monolithic graphene circuits.

Our findings uncover another fascinating property of graphene with broad implications in graphene-based electromechanical devices.

This finding provides a pathway to engineering optoelectronic graphene devices, while maintaining the outstanding electrical properties of graphene.

These large domain size graphene films could be very useful for graphene based electronic devices and other applications.

The chemically derived, high-quality graphene sheets could lead to future scalable graphene devices.

Graphene ribbons might act as transistors, even though bulk graphene does not.

Graphene gets ready for the big time.
25 Mar 2009Nature      117 citations

Graphene holds a lot of promise, but before it can be used commercially, methods are needed for producing processable forms of graphene in scalable amounts and also for incorporating graphene in devices.

This result suggests that dual-doped graphene is an interesting material to develop graphene based electronic devices.

This study revealed that defect engineering in graphene has significant potential for fabricating ultra-sensitive graphene chemical sensors.

We find that most of them are few-layer graphene, although single-layer graphene can be occasionally detected.