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When Ladakh will open for tourist? 

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Hence, the tourist destinations should have the right amenities and facilities.

It is thought that for the Centre to be viable it must become established as a tourist attraction.

In India's northwest border region of Ladakh, norms of sexuality are changing, which is resulting in the emergence of new sexual practices, such as dating, ‘roaming’, and the dramatic elopements of Buddhist and Muslim youth.

It is argued that policy to address urban growth in Ladakh must be informed by the empirical evidence of micro-level studies.

This indicates that the government of the Maldives and the major tour operators that organise tourist vacations have to emphasise their marketing efforts independently of each tourist source country.

It can be suggested that the Ladakh Himalaya is a fascinating laboratory for Quaternary geomorphologists to unravel the history of landforms in a high, tectonically active and arid terrain.

Based on this number and other small populations reported earlier by us and others, we estimate a total population of 300–360 argali in Ladakh.

The study concluded that the most affected watersheds are located in the central and southeastern part of Ladakh, along some of the most visited trails and within the Hemis and the Tsokar Tsomoriri National parks.