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When was noise fit evolve 2 launched? 

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A good model fit was observed, indicating that sensitivity and satisfaction with the living environment were the main modifiers of noise annoyance in Vietnam.

The significant, though limited, advantage of directional microphones and the absence of additional significant improvement by a noise reduction algorithm should be considered when fitting open-fit hearing aids.

This paper proposes a modified audio-integrated adaptive feedback active noise control (ANC) system for open-fit hearing aids.

Noise sensitivity was found to highly contribute to annoyance models and should therefore be considered in future studies dealing with noise annoyance due to aircraft noise.

It must be recognised that noise barriers are architectural features in their own right and that they should be designed to fit into their local environments.

Plants and environmental noise barriers
31 Jan 2004  9 citations

The perfect fit of simulation versus measurements enables deeper analysis and balancing of noise contributors.

It appears that noise regulations have generated substantial costs to society when, in fact, there was little justification on efficiency grounds for regulatory intervention in the first place.