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When was the movie Matrix made? 

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We conclude that the generation of high quality stereoscopic movie content using desktop tools and equipment is feasible.

However, it was not as conducive as PEEKOH for improving the matrix properties.

In our experiments on movie rating datasets, the proposed model outperforms state-of-the-art matrix completion models.

Experimental results on MovieLens and Each Movie data sets demonstrate that the proposed method is much more competitive compared with the state of the art matrix factorization based collaborative filtering methods.

The results showed that the matrix was theoretically sound.

There have been many threats to the movie theatre industry, but with technology becoming cheaper and easier to use, it may spell the end of traditional movie going as a preferred entrainment vehicle.

However in this case the movie has the exciting attribute that it can be displayed and observed in 3D.

Additionally, we found some attention-grabbing facts, such as the budget of a movie isn't any indication of how well-rated it'll be, there's a downward trend within the quality of films over time, and also the director and actors/actresses involved in the movie.

What emerges is a ‘view’ of movie-going as part of the experience of urban life at a time when towns and cities in North Carolina – and across the United States – were taking on their modern character and institutions.

We find that extensive care and industry knowledge are required when organizing the economic and social framework in which a film project is undertaken, since ultimately, movie success does not depend on individual star power.

When the matrix equation is consistent over generalized -reflexive matrices, the sequence generated by the introduced algorithm converges to a generalized -reflexive solution of the quaternion matrix equation.