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Where has the ions maritime exercise 2022 concluded? 

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The observation of MeV ions has strong implications for the ion source and acceleration mechanisms.

Thus these ions can reach the region where they can be strongly energized along the field lines by the electrostatic shocks.

The results from the side-scan survey and diver-truthing exercise enhanced the existing maritime SMR.

Operational reporting from the Middle East indicates that the exercise by warships of a right of visit on the high seas, in order to verify the flag of the boarded vessel, is an important part of contemporary maritime enforcement operations.

It is imperative that IOR-wide maritime security cooperation be progressed.

It was therefore unexpected to find an active and dynamic ionosphere where the cometary ions were largely dominant over the solar wind ions, even at large heliocentric distances.

Unlike the process of ocean space fragmentation that results from its nationalisation the EU Integrated Maritime Policy has a global and cooperative vision, which is particularly evident in the Atlantic Strategy.

The result promises significant expansion in maritime domain awareness and environmental intelligence.

Several anomalies and inadequacies in the two regimes are identified but in the final analysis it is concluded that both instruments are salutary additions to the body of convention law generated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Given that this new, qualitatively focused way of war has gained supremacy, at least where high-intensity inter-state war is concerned, the question remains of whether the Chinese and Russians will choose to emulate the leading powers in the system or, instead, will forge into the unknown and formulate an entirely different and innovative maritime strategy.

HERMES-TP/SP is an in orbit demonstration, that should be tested in orbit by the beginning of 2022.

We suggest that Enceladus now joins the Earth, Comet Halley and Titan as locations in the Solar System where negative ions have been directly observed although the ions observed in each case have distinctly different characteristics.

Negative ions in the Enceladus plume
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It provides an avenue whereby the maritime claims of the claimants can be brought into line with international law, potentially allowing for meaningful discussions on cooperation and maritime joint development based on areas of overlapping maritime claims defined on the basis of the losc.

We argue that developments in the maritime arena have flown beneath the radar of much mainstream international relations and security studies scholarship, and that a new agenda for maritime security studies is required.

The demonstration projects create an opportunity for non-maritime actors to enter the somewhat closed cyclic collaborations in the maritime sector.

The experience gained during this flight is essential for the preparation of the follow-up mission EUSO-SPB2 which is planned to launch in 2022.

The present values agree with the previous measurements where a complete collection of the resulting ions has been demonstrated experimentally.

The following working hypothesis is sustained: the BRIC countries, due to the potential of their maritime territories, can be considered to be emerging maritime powers capable of displacing some of the historical maritime powers.

It has been suggested that energetic ions observed in the magnetosheath may be due to direct leakage of trapped magnetospheric ions.