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Which antioxidant is naturally found in cocoa? 

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further suggested that differences in cocoa bean blends and processing, with the possible exception of Dutching, are minor factors in determining the level of antioxidants in commercially available cocoa-containing products in the United States.

These results suggest that cocoa is more beneficial to health than teas and red wine in terms of its higher antioxidant capacity.

Results indicated that antioxidant capacity using two different antioxidant assays exhibited a positive and high correlation with epicatechin content in cocoa beans.

The antioxidant capacity of this fibre-rich cocoa powder and its physico-chemical properties render it a suitable product to be used in the preparation of low-calorie, high-fibre foods.

Polyphenolic compounds seem to be related to the health benefits produced by the cocoa due to their antioxidant properties.

Our results showed that antioxidant capacity and phenolic content of Malaysian cocoa beans were comparable to Ghanaian, Ivory Coast, and Sulawesian beans.