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Which foods are rich in the antioxidant vitamin C? 

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However, we report here that vitamin C administered as a dietary supplement to healthy humans exhibits a pro-oxidant, as well as an antioxidant, effect in vivo.

Vitamin C exhibits pro-oxidant properties
09 Apr 1998Nature      750 citations

On this basis, vitamin C seems to act as both a pro-oxidant and an antioxidant in vivo.

Reply: Does vitamin C have a pro-oxidant effect?
17 Sep 1998Nature      17 citations

This review presents evidence which supports the importance of vitamin C as a component of the overall antioxidant protective mechanisms found in cells and tissues.

Preliminary observations have revealed the presence of a specific antioxidant system at these sites in which vitamin C could exert a major role.

The data are consistent and form a strong consensus for investigating the importance of the antioxidant function of vitamin C in the maintenance of human health.

These data indicate that the antioxidant protection afforded by short-term vitamin C supplementation is maximal at the 500–1000 mg dosage range.

The data validates the role of Vitamin C as an antioxidant under physiologic conditions exhibiting a cross over role as a pro-oxidant in pathological conditions.