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Which is better Skullcandy or noise? 

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The findings of this study will provide further knowledge to facilitate better noise management planning on construction sites.

Urban noise is most intense at lower frequencies, and, therefore, species vocalizing at higher frequencies may be less affected and thus better able to inhabit urban environments.

This imposes better performance results to traditional feedback active noise control (ANC) in motorcycle helmets, which suffer from well known limitations.

The results show that by adding noise of certain level, the subjects can detect near threshold pure tone better than without noise.

Noise-enhanced hearing sensitivity
29 Mar 2004Physics Letters A      24 citations

Relative to normal, these patients performed better in noise than quiet, perhaps because these patients develop skills attending to threshold-level speech in noise during their years without binaural benefit.

Onsets of speech are better preserved, while a further reduction of musical noise is achieved.

Listening in noise with two ears should be better than listening with one ear when the additional ear is away from the noise.

The results show that the single factor contributing the highest noise level is suction irrigation, which exposes the ipsilateral ear to noise levels averaging up to 107 dB (A).

Combustion noise analysis provided the best correlation to microphone noise, especially at lower speeds where engine noise is dominated by combustion noise rather than mechanical noise.

Although conventional T1-weighted images were preferred overall, most Silent T1-weighted images were rated as equivalent to or better than conventional images and represent a potential alternative for imaging of noise-averse patients.

The sound exposure level L(E) of shooting noise better explained variations in annoyance than other operational and/or acoustical predictors.

In the second approach, the noise had fluctuating characteristics, which led us to conclude that the noise caused discomfort.