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Which Millet is good for sperm count? 

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The S-FCM is suitable for quantitative measurement of lower sperm concentrations.

It is therefore necessary to have a method to check the sperm quality which is not only accurate, but fast and cheap.

This study revealed that inherent errors abound when different counting chambers are used for sperm count.

Easy performance, rapid sperm counts, and improvement of motility estimation make this chamber a useful tool where sperm analysis is carried out.

It can be concluded that the combination of sperm responsiveness parameters applied here is a suitable tool for the evaluation of sperm function.

These data demonstrate that the size of the sperm reservoir is markedly reduced in gilts inseminated with FT sperm.

These results indicate that the SQA allows for rapid evaluation of sperm characteristics and of the effectiveness of sperm preparation techniques.

This device provides a convenient, disposable, and high-throughput platform that could function as a progressive motile sperm sorter for potential use in intracytoplasmic sperm injection.