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Which part of Siachen Glacier is open for tourists? 

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Thus, this is currently one of the best monitored small glacier (<0.5 km2) worldwide.

Thus, glacier foreland offer ample ecological questions and further research is highly recommended.

We suggest that this inner part of the Mertz Glacier polynya has a very high ice-production rate.

The result also suggested that Bangni Glacier vacated ~ 598,948 ± 12,257 m2 frontal area, while Dunagiri Glacier vacated ~ 170,428 ± 7833 m2 frontal area between 1962 and 2013.

also highlight a consistent retreat and non-uniform dynamics of the Gangotri glacier.

Analysis of the glacier structural evolution based on the numbers and the locations of different structures, suggest a slowdown of glacier flow on the eastern tongue.

The literature review demonstrates the need for additional research into several issues, including: (1) designing a coherent conceptual framework that incorporates the main elements of glacier tourism; (2) examining the motives, preferences, experiences and behaviours of glacier tourists, as well as of the motivational push and pull factors of glacier tourism; and (3) conducting cross-area or sub-sector comparative analyses of existing or potential climate-induced impacts on glacier tourism or adaptation strategies and measures.

Glacier tourism: a scoping review
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