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Which planet is responsible for social relations? 

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The theory provides coverage of all aspects of social relations and equally is concrete and predictive about the visual attributes and behaviors defining the relations included in each domain.

Moreover, the results reveal a pervasive import of social relations.

Within nations, however, the parameters of social relations that are defined by the national mode of production may be mediated by social relations within locales.

The paper defines social capital as a matrix of various social relations, combined with particular normative and cognitive social institutions that facilitate co-operation and reciprocity, and suggests that social capital is formed at spatial scales lower than the national or international, because the density of matrices of social relations increases with proximity.

In either case, social relations are spatial relations, and the fact that social relations are spatial relations makes some difference to the way society works, although the specific ways in which this spatiality makes a difference are place-specific.

The author claims that the added social value of social relations can be observed in those processes through which social capital and public (relational) goods (re)generate or elide each other.

It concludes that important questions of social difference and unequal power relations remain relevant for more-than-human geographies.

These results provide support for a domain-specific model of social relations and affect.

We provide the first dataset built on this holistic conceptualization of social life that is composed of a hierarchical label space of social domains and social relations.

Our results show that on the one hand SNS contact with home country relations is positively related to online social support.