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Which tablet is best for sperm count? 

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(S) Compared with clinic-collected semen, home-collected samples had statistically significantly higher values for sperm concentration, total sperm count, rapid progressive motility, and total count of progressive motility.

The implementation of scientific and technological advances could benefit the simultaneous examination of sperm phenotype and sperm function, demonstrating that sperm morphometry could be a useful tool for sperm assessment.

In this study, we showed the usefulness of the new SMAS, which has high reliability in estimating sperm concentration, sperm motility, velocity and linearity compared with CellSoft.

This approach has tremendous benefits for men who have difficulty producing sperm and for those with low and declining sperm counts.

These findings suggest that the technique chosen for analysis of sperm viability can influence the conclusion concerning the effects of the treatment on sperm function.

These results indicate that the SQA allows for rapid evaluation of sperm characteristics and of the effectiveness of sperm preparation techniques.

The S-FCM is suitable for quantitative measurement of lower sperm concentrations.