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Which type of facility is best for treating patient suffering with substance abuse? 

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(Non)findings for the full sample suggest that integrating substance abuse treatment with primary care, may not be necessary or appropriate for all patients.

Conversely, patients can feel cared for by some of their healthcare providers in residential substance abuse treatment as well.

Preliminary findings suggest that the treatment is effective for substance abuse patients and that this mode of treatment should be explored further.

CONTEXT The prevalence of medical disorders is high among substance abuse patients, yet medical services are seldom provided in coordination with substance abuse treatment.

Substance abuse treatment systems should give attention to the need of patients to receive care for prevalent treatable diseases such as HIV/HCV coinfection and facilitate its medical care to improve the quality of care for individuals with substance use disorders.

This type of treatment appears to be effective for reducing substance abuse in this population.

The authors suggest guidelines for management of patients with coexisting substance abuse and other psychiatric disorders.