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Who buys graphene? 

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Thus, the next critical step of graphene growth relies on the synthesis of large graphene single crystals.

Based on our work, the researchers can choose graphene products (graphene paper, graphene film, graphene foam or graphene fiber) efficiently according to the research object in the future.

However, graphene offers an attractive alternative.

The strategy of graphene encapsulation can be extended to develop new graphene-based materials with superior physical an...

The high-quality low-defect air-annealing grown graphene is comparable to commercially available graphene grown via chemical vapor deposition.

The chemically derived, high-quality graphene sheets could lead to future scalable graphene devices.

The as-fabricated graphene is free of contamination and retains the quality of pristine graphene.

Our studies are critical in guiding the graphene growth process as we try to achieve the highest quality graphene for electronic devices.

Although challenges related to quality control in graphene materials remain to be addressed, the advancement in the understandings of graphene will propel the commercial success of graphene as a compelling technology.