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Who owns Uniden radar detectors? 

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Applying deep learning on radar data has several advantages such as eliminating the need for an expensive radar calibration process each time and enabling classification of the detected objects with almost zero-overhead.

Deep Radar Detector
22 Apr 2019  25 citations

The hardware components and operating mechanism of the radar are introduced and a series of laboratory experiments are presented to assess the performance characteristics of the radar.

The digital beam-forming ubiquitous radar is a method for achieving significant radar capabilities not readily available with conventional radar architectures.

The radar measurements and model results of this paper show that a significant breakthrough has been made in the radar remote sensing of...

They are suited for low cost automotive radar systems.

The results also avail electronic counter-countermeasures, from the view of radar.

This study will be helpful in many applications of radar target recognition.

This study will be helpful to many applications of radar target recognition.