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Who sells perovskite solar panels? 

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There is no doubt that perovskite photovoltaics possess great potential to provide bright future for the field of solar cells research, but whether they are going to live up to their expectations, remains to be seen.

Thus, it is apparent that perovskite solar cell is a promising next generation photovoltaic technology.

Stability Issues on Perovskite Solar Cells
27 Nov 2015Photonics      153 citations

The research presented here provides a facile, low-cost and highly efficient way for the preparation of perovskite solar cells.

Thus, an easy and effective way is provided for fabricating efficient and stable perovskite solar cells.

This result demonstrates the promise of employing perovskite solar cells in a reflective tandem for a high efficiency solar energy conversion system, with an efficiency of up to 30%.

This work provides a method to prepare high quality perovskite films for planar perovskite solar cells with high performance.