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Why did the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or SPCA change its name? 

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Furthermore, it is argued that cruelty to animals in a family tends to be associated with domestic violence, child abuse, and elder abuse.

Investigating the factors underlying cruel behavior toward animals has great implications for animal welfare and child wellbeing, and is vital for designing and implementing successful universal and targeted interventions to prevent cruelty to animals.

Here, in theory and practice, the treatment of animals becomes a matter of moral preferences, whereby the state is reluctant to intervene to prohibit those who see no wrong in animal cruelty.

Family based prevention programs might be effective in reducing cruelty to animals, but experimental evaluations of such programs are required.

We conclude that the public were emotionally affected by the media coverage of cruelty to cattle but that this did not translate into significant behavioral change.

The time is ripe for a major research program to advance knowledge about the causes and prevention of animal cruelty and its implications for criminology.

Analysis of the records of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in South Africa indicated the usefulness of such a typology.

Proposed Typology of Companion Animal Abuse
01 Dec 1993Anthrozoos      67 citations