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Why female mice rats are not preferred for screening of anti epileptic activity? 

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In this model in Wistar rats, animals which do not respond to repeated or chronic administration of anti-epileptic drugs (non-responders) can be separated from animals in whom anti-epileptics are effective (responders).

Animal models of drug-resistant epilepsy.
01 Jan 2002  59 citations

It was concluded that there is a sex difference in susceptibility to epileptic seizures in rats, provided that the estrous cycle is taken into account.

Base on the previous reports about female rats and our findings, these E(2) effects are probably not sex dependent.

These neurochemical alterations may be contributing to the epileptic predisposition of El mice.

These findings suggest that estrogen can exert neuroprotective effects in a model of status epilepticus, in the absence of anti-epileptic properties.