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Will Humira affect sperm count? 

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It is suggested that the key to identifying and assessing occupationally related sperm count suppression lies in the proper classification and interpretation of group sperm count data.

Interestingly, these alterations in sperm quality occur well ahead of decreased sperm counts in the ejaculate.

Continuous breeding studies and 90-day studies with additional measurements of sperm parameters were similarly effective in detecting compounds which affect male fertility.

Sperm count is concluded to be proper for fertility classification, and sperm count 5 mill/ml is found to be the clinically significant borderline of male infertility.

The negative impact of age, BMI and coffee intake on sperm quality could be compensated if patients had a high ejaculation frequency and shorter periods of sexual abstinence. Combinations of adverse lifestyle factors could have a detrimental impact on sperm, not only in terms of motility and sperm count but also in terms of sperm head vacuolization.

The authors concluded that exposure to DBCP, but not to ECH, was positively associated with detectable sperm count suppression.

Apparently, it affects sperm quality more adversely than it does sperm production.