Contributions  And Thorough Inspection On Catalysis Research

Contributions And Thorough Inspection On Catalysis Research

Madhavan M
Madhavan M

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Catalysis is a science in which the capture, control and study of reactions over a period of time can change the outcome. This process will enable a reaction to proceed faster, slower or even reverse direction. There are many different types of catalysis such as chemo-catalysis or biocatalysis, but the main goal is to speed up certain chemical reactions without losing original product yield. This article will provide you with some thorough analysis on catalysis research.Over the lifetime, 400924 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 8702469 citation(s).

Citation Count and Paper Count Trend


Citation Paper
400,924 8,702,469

Top Experts in Cancer Research

  1. Graham J. Hutchings
Graham J. Hutchings

Graham J. Hutchings is an academic researcher from Cardiff University. The holder of an hindex of 97, he has contributed to research in topics that include Catalysis & Heterogeneous catalysis. With 995 publication(s) co-authored , receiving 44270 citations he has received, his work is widely cited by peers. Furthermore, he previously worked at SABIC & University of Strasbourg.Graham J. Hutchings has over 150 publications in peer-reviewed journals and holds 5 patents.

2. José Luis García Fierro

José Luis García Fierro

José Luis García Fierro is an academic researcher from Spanish National Research Council. The author has written and contributed to research in topics: Catalysis & Heterogeneous catalysis, Energy materials and 2D materials, Nanomedicine. The author has an hindex of 100, co-authored 1027 publication(s) receiving 47228 citation(s). Previous affiliations of José Luis García Fierro include Council of Scientific and Industrial Research & Lehigh University.

3. Alfons Baiker

Alfons Baiker

Alfons Baiker is an academic researcher at ETH Zurich. His research interests include catalysis, organocatalysis, nano-materials and homogeneous chemistry. Some of his more recent projects include developing new enzymatic catalysts to convert waste plastics into valuable chemicals and making dyes that can be used in high temperature dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC). The author has an hindex of 83, received 42.9k citation(s) and co-authored 978 publication(s).

4. Tao Zhang

Tao Zhang is a researcher in the field of Catalysis & Amorphous metal at Chinese Academy of Sciences. The author has contributed to research in topic(s): Catalysis & Amorphous metal. The author has an hindex of 123, co-authored 2772 publication(s) receiving 83.8k citation(s). Previous affiliations of Tao Zhang include University of Birmingham & Dalian University of Technology.

5. Avelino Corma

Avelino Corma is a academic researcher from Polytechnic University of Valencia. The author has contributed to research in topic(s): Catalysis & Zeolite, Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology, Materials Science and Engineering and Environmental Sciences. The author has an hindex of 134 and co-authored 1049 publications receiving 89095 citations at present. Previous affiliations of Avelino Corma include Spanish National Research Council, Universidad de Valencia & University of Valencia.

Top Institutions in Cancer Research

  1. Chinese Academy of Sciences

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is a research-intensive scientific academy supervised by the State Council of China and the National Development and Reform Commission. It is known for its research contribution in the topic(s): Catalysis & Population. The organization has 421602 authors who have published 634849 publication(s) receiving 14894293 citation(s). The organization is also known as: CAS.

2. Russian Academy of Sciences

Russian Academy of Sciences

The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) is a state-funded national research university, the largest in Russia and the country’s chief science, research, and technical consultant. The Academy is comprised of seven specialized academies covering a range of disciplines including mathematics and physics, space research, geology and mining, physiology, chemistry and ecology, clinical medicine and biology as well as social sciences. The organization has 272615 authors who have published 417512 publication(s) receiving 4538835 citation(s). The organization is also known as: RAS & RAN.

3. Centre national de la recherche scientifique

Centre national de la recherche scientifique

Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) is a French public research organization. It conducts basic research in all fields of science and technology, and applications in the field of physics. It also runs many laboratories, notably the AIM which is one of the world's foremost molecular imaging laboratories and operates a synchrotron, PSI. CNRS offers a wide variety of research positions in different academic journals such as International Journal of Population and Catalysis amongst others. It is known for research contribution in the topic(s): Population & Catalysis. The organization has 239077 authors who have published 382421 publication(s) receiving 13670943 citation(s).

4. Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics

The Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics is a research institute in Dalian, Liaoning, China that has been a center for important Chinese science since its establishment in 1958. Its primary focus is on fundamental and applied research in the fields of materials science and catalysis, membrane separation processes, polymer science and engineering, macromolecular synthesis and design. Located in Dalian city, Liaoning Province, DICP has a staff of about 2000, including 113 professors and associate professors, 150 doctoral advisers and master teachers. The organization has 11394 authors who have published 17112 publication(s) receiving 577706 citation(s). The organization is also known as: Huawusuo.

5. Spanish National Research Council

Spanish National Research Council

CSIC is a public research institution that belongs to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). It is responsible for supporting, developing and directing scientific research in all fields. Its mission is to promote and coordinate scientific and technical research so that it contributes to the development of knowledge, innovation and culture in Spain and internationally. The organization has 79563 authors who have published 220470 publication(s) receiving 7698991 citation(s). The organization is also known as: CSIC & Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas.

Top Journals and Conferences publishing in Catalysis Research


  1. ChemInform

ChemInform is an international, peer-reviewed journal that publishes high quality research articles and reviews in all areas of chemistry. The journals recent special issues have focused on 'the Future of Chemistry in Quantitative Biology' or 'Chemistry and Health'. It has published articles by researchers from Imperial College London, University of Manchester and Cranfield University among others.Over the lifetime, 627243 publication(s) have been published receiving 974691 citation(s). The journal is also known as: ChemInform RX & CIRX.

2. Journal of Catalysis

Journal of Catalysis is a scientific journal for catalysis research aiming to publish the highest quality papers in the field. It offers an elected post as well as an open-enrollment option. The journal publishes articles on chemistry, physics, biology and other disciplines relevant to catalysis and adsorption science. The journal accepts submissions from researchers throughout the world, looking for unique research on localized surface chemistries (e.g., heterogeneous catalysis), which may be electrochemical or biologically active at electrode surfaces. It has an ISSN identifier of 0021-9517. Over the lifetime, 18220 publication(s) have been published receiving 1014435 citation(s).

3. Applied Catalysis A-general

Applied Catalysis A: General is an academic journal. It publishes peer reviewed papers in the field of catalysis. The aim of the journal is to publish high-quality original research papers, rapid communications and reviews which expand the understanding of the fundamental and applied science associated with catalyzers as well as covering associated theory, such as molecular dynamics simulation.It has an ISSN identifier of 0926-860X. Over the lifetime, 13628 publication(s) have been published receiving 603023 citation(s).


  1. Joint International Conference on Information Sciences

Joint International Conference on Information Sciences (ICIS) is an academic conference focusing on the aspects of information and communication technologies, including such areas as telecommunications, multimedia and digital media, networks, mobile communications, and security. The conference publishes majorly in the area(s): Adsorption & Aqueous solution. Over the lifetime, 13945 publication(s) have been published by the conference receiving 527206 citation(s).

2. Microelectronics Systems Education

Microelectronics Systems Education: A focused, state-of-the-art conference geared toward the application of microelectronics to the needs of the individual researcher in industry. The majority of publications are from the areas of; semiconductor manufacturing, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), and nano-electromechanics (NEM). Over the lifetime, 19197 publication(s) have been published by the conference receiving 46455 citation(s).

Top Papers (Last 10 Years)


Papers Authors Citations
Selective Hydrogenation over Supported... Leilei Zhang 273
Molecular tuning of CO2-to-ethylene conversion Fengwang Li 217
Atomic-level tuning of Co-N-C catalyst... Euiyeon Jung 203
Site-Selective C–H Functionalization via Synergistic... Ke-Jin Jiao 195
A General Route to Prepare Low-Ruthenium... Yuan Liu 188


Papers Authors Citations
Nitrogen Fixation by Ru Single-Atom Electrocatalytic... Hengcong Tao 427
Chemical and structural origin of lattice... Zhen-Feng Huang 403
Tuning Oxygen Vacancies in Ultrathin... Yunxuan Zhao 381
Highly active atomically dispersed... Yanghua He 376
Recommended Practices and Benchmark... Chao Wei 373


Papers Authors Citations
Metal Catalysts for Heterogeneous... Lichen Liu 1572
CO2 electroreduction to ethylene via... Cao-Thang Dinh 799
A universal principle for a rational... Haoxiang Xu 615
Nitrogen-Coordinated Single Cobalt... Xiao Xia Wang 568
Atomically dispersed manganese catalysts for... Jiazhan Li 535


Papers Authors Citations
Isolated Single Iron Atoms Anchored... Yuanjun Chen 1039
Direct atomic-level insight into the... Hoon T Chung 819
Ultrathin Iron-Cobalt Oxide Nanosheets... Linzhou Zhuang 51
Molecule-Level g-C3N4 Coordinated... Yao Zheng 747
An efficient and pH-universal ruthenium... Javeed Mahmood 733


Papers Authors Citations
Active sites of nitrogen-doped carbon... Donghui Guo 2433
Activating and optimizing MoS2 basal planes... Hong Li 1498
Understanding the High Activity of... Wen-Jie Jiang 1097
Photochemical route for synthesizing... Pengxin Liu 995
A highly active and stable IrOx/SrIrO3... Linsey C. Seitz 973


Papers Authors Citations
Metal-free catalysts for oxygen reduction... Liming Dai 1638
Covalent organic frameworks comprising... Song-Chow Lin 1401
In situ cobalt-cobalt oxide/N-doped... Haiyan Jin 1273
High-performance transition metal–doped... Xiaoqing Huang 1217
Ni2P as a Janus catalyst for water... Lucas-Alexandre Stern 1151


Papers Authors Citations
Water photolysis at 12.3% efficiency via... Jingshan Luo 1843
Exfoliation of layered double hydroxides... Fang Song 1510
Hydrogen evolution by a metal-free electrocatalyst Yao Zheng 1487
Review of iron-free Fenton-like systems... Alok Diwakar Bokare 1186
A review of dry (CO2) reforming of methane... Devendra Pakhare 1102


Papers Authors Citations
Enhanced Hydrogen Evolution Catalysis from... Mark A. Lukowski 2495
Nanostructured Nickel Phosphide... Eric J. Popczun 2156
An Advanced Ni–Fe Layered Double Hydroxide... Ming Gong 1993
Conducting MoS2 Nanosheets as Catalysts for Hydrogen... Damien Voiry 1571
Aerobic Copper-Catalyzed Organic Reactions Scott E. Allen 1171


Papers Authors Citations
Polymeric Graphitic Carbon Nitride as a ... Yong Wang 2360
Synthesis and Activities of Rutile IrO2 and RuO2... Youngmin Lee 2219
C–C, C–O and C–N bond formation via rhodium... Guoyong Song 1819
Exploration of the active center... Linfei Lai 1764
Sulfur and Nitrogen Dual-Doped Mesoporous Graphene... Ji Liang 1756


Papers Authors Citations
Co3O4 nanocrystals on graphene as a synergistic... Yongye Liang 4454
MoS2 Nanoparticles Grown on Graphene:... Yanguang Li 3905
A perovskite oxide optimized for oxygen evolution... Jin Suntivich 3135
Catalytic dehydrogenative cross-coupling:... Charles S. Yeung 3109
High-Performance Electrocatalysts... Gang Wu 3078
Topics Papers Citations Related
Dehydrogenation 24.2K 480K 97%
Heterogeneous catalysis 22.2K 835.3K 95%
Bifunctional 13.9K 377K 95%
Lewis acids and bases 29.5K 631.7K 95%
Isomerization 26.3K 649.1K 95%