How to Promote Your Institutional Repository — Infographic
Infographic Institutional Repository

How to Promote Your Institutional Repository — Infographic


You have built an institutional repository, started populating it with existing manuscripts from your archives; now what? If you stop there, the repository will soon become a relic, never realizing its full potential.

Instead, you need to actively find ways to promote your institutional repository. And it requires a two-pronged approach since you have two target groups.

On the one hand, you have to attract relevant readers so that faculty and researchers see the positive impact in terms of visibility, downloads, and citations. At the same time, you need to encourage them to deposit manuscripts regularly so that existing readers keep coming back for more. The expanding collection will also help attract readers from all over the world.

This infographic gives you a quick overview of different ways you can market your repository to faculty, students, and potential readers.

Ways to promote your institutional repository

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