OJS 3: Article Submission Workflow β€” Infographic
Infographic OJS

OJS 3: Article Submission Workflow β€” Infographic

Monali Ghosh
Monali Ghosh

How to publish and post a full issue on OJS

Submitting an article on open journal systems is a 5-step procedure. Technically, if you want to publish an article on the OJS as a full issue, follow the steps depicted below.

This infographic will help you with seamless article publication as a full issue on open journal systems.

OJS 3 - Submission Workflow - SciSpace

If you are a publisher and want to know how to install OJS, refer to this guide for an effortless installation.

In light of the fact, if you ever thought that scholarly research is a cumbersome "work", Scispace has now made managing research workflow an "activity" for you. Yes, you unjumbled the sentence correctly.

Literature search in Scispace using hands-on filters
Literature search in Scispace using hands-on filters

SciSpace provides researchers, universities, and publishers with all the tools they need. There are over 200 million research papers in our research repository across multiple disciplines with search engine optimized abstracts, a publicly visible profile that highlights your expertise, and much more.

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