Top 12 Journals in Elsevier
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Top 12 Journals in Elsevier

Monali Ghosh
Monali Ghosh
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Elsevier is one of the most popular publishers in the world. Also, known as Reed Elsevier, its products include the Lancet and the Cell.

It has a repository of more than 2700+ journals and publishes close to half a million articles annually.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the Popular Journals associated with this publisher.

Top 12 reputed journals in Elsevier are mentioned below:

1. The Lancet

The Lancet was found in 1823. With the commitment to publish only the best in science, their papers are read by roughly 12.5 million people worldwide. Research published in Lancet is often highlighted in top profile newspapers such as the New York Times, BBC worldwide, etc. Apart from Research articles, Lancet journals are known to publish Editorials, comments, Correspondence, Clinical pictures, Reviews, Seminars, Series, and the like. (The entire list can be found here)

Image source: Lancet Journal

Impact factor: 59.102
H index: 700
Journalistic Abbreviation: Lancet
Total cites: 53,986 in 2018

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2. The Cell

Started in 1974, The Cell is a peer-reviewed journal, majoring in the domain of biology and the journal also deals with publishing papers and articles in the domain of molecular biology, cell biology, systems biology developmental biology, genetics, genomics, virology and physiology amongst others. Being published bimonthly, the papers which are published are judged on whether the findings provided by the author are strong in highlighting important concepts regarding the study of the topics and centrally believe in promoting the idea of producing content relevant to the fields.

Image source: Cell journal 

Impact factor: 36.216
H index: 705
Journalistic Abbreviation: Cell
Total cites: 46,286 (2018)

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3. Journal of the American College of cardiology

Based in the Netherlands, the Journal of the American College of Cardiology publishes peer-reviewed journals, and is inclusive of the topics of every aspect including the study of cardiovascular diseases. It is peer-reviewed and is based upon the clinical and experimental reports, mostly which are accurate. The areas of study include Coronary Artery and Valve disease, congenital heart defects, vascular surgery, drug treatment, new diagnostic techniques amongst others. JACC also publishes the abstracts of the papers presented at the annual scientific sessions of the American college of cardiology.

Impact factor: 18.639
H index: 394
Journalistic Abbreviation: J. Am. Coll. Cardiol.
Total cites: 20,406 (2018)

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Image source: JACC Journal

4. Biomaterials

Based in the United Kingdom, the main subjects which are included in Biomaterials are Biochemistry, Genetics, and Molecular Biology, and Biophysics, mainly. This international journal covers science and the chemical application of biomaterials. The main aim of the journal is to provide information regarding the issues often faced while using the biomaterials in clinical practice. This peer-reviewed journal aims to provide a platform for the publication of the original papers. The main areas of study included are: Physical, biological, and chemical sciences, highlighting the designing of biomaterials and the clinical areas of study that are used. The inclusion of these sciences is drug and gene vector design, the biology of the host response, immunology and toxicology, and self-assembly at the nanoscale. A certain important area of the journal also includes cancer diagnosis, implantable devices, drug delivery systems, gene vectors, nanotechnology, and tissue engineering.

Impact factor: 10.273
H index: 337
Journalistic Abbreviation: Biomaterials
Total cites: 19,3459 (2018)

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Image source: Biomaterials Journal 

5. NeuroImage

Essentially a journal of Brain Function, NeuroImage aims to provide concrete information regarding the growth achieved in the field of utilizing neuroimaging in a bid to study structure-function and brain-behavior relationships. The journal is highly recommended for its inclusion of the latest technological innovations and it’s ardent commitment to publish the content which is relevant in both print and electronic media. The main areas of study included studying explicitly the micro-level understanding of the human brain.

Impact factor: 5.812
H index: 320
Journalistic Abbreviation: NeuroImage
Total cites: 17,000+(2018)

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Image source: NeuroImage Journal

6. Trends in Ecology and Evolution

Based in the Netherlands, Trends in Ecology and Evolution mainly touches upon the topics of Agricultural and Biological Sciences, ecology, evolution, Behaviour, and systematics. TREE aims to publish articles and letters from a vast variety of topics of ecology and evolutionary science. Trends in Ecology and Evolution aims to keep the scientists aware of the major and recent developments in the above-stated fields from being pure to applied. Trends in ecology and evolution provide a podium for the inclusive coverage of all the issues regarding the environment and the organisms. Known for publishing reader-friendly and on-point reviews, here are some notable factors:

Impact factor: 15.236
H index: 312
Journalistic Abbreviation: Trends Ecol. Evol.
Total Cites: 3,500 (2018)

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Image source: Trends in Ecology and Evolution

7. Biological psychiatry

Having started its coverage from 1969, Biological psychiatry is exclusively based in the Netherlands. Being an international journal is the official journal of the Society of Biological psychiatry. Various topics covered under this journal are psychiatric neuroscience and therapeutics.

Impact factor: 11.501
Journalistic Abbreviation: Biol. Psychiatry
Total cites: 6,500+(2018)
H index: 290

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Image source: Biological Psychiatry Journal 

8. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews

The main aim of Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews is to provide a basic forum for the critical analysis of the study of the advanced drug and gene delivery systems and their applications in human and veterinary medicine. The journal has a very broad scope covering the key issues for effective drug and gene delivery, from administration to sit specific delivery. The articles are published in a theme-specific issue format, which theme issue providing a comprehensive and critical examination of current and emerging research on design and development of advanced drug delivery, thus covering the application of sound biological and physicochemical principles to the engineering of drug delivery systems to meet the therapeutic need at hand.

Impact factor: 15.519
H index: 278
Journalistic Abbreviation: Adv. Drug Deliv. Rev.
Total Cites: 7,000 (2018)

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Image source: Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews Journal 

9. Trends in Cognitive sciences

Based in the Netherlands, Trends in Cognitive Sciences brings together research in psychology, artificial intelligence, linguistics, philosophy, computer science, anthropology, physiology and neuroscience, Trends in Cognitive Sciences (TiCS) provides a platform for the interaction of these disciplines and the evolution of cognitive research as an independent field of study.

Impact factor: 16.173
H index: 276
Journalistic Abbreviation: Trends Cogn. Sci.
Total cites: 4,000+(2018)

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Image source: Trends in Cognitive Sciences Journal

10. Trends in Neurosciences

Based in the Netherlands, Trends in Neurosciences has been considered as amongst the leading current awareness journals in neurosciences, having an impressive impact factor. The articles published are reader-friendly, and readable along with being very effective. The subject areas of study for this journal are: Neuroscience majorly.

Impact factor: 12.314
H index: 269
Journalistic Abbreviation: Trends Neurosci.
Total cites: 2,500+(2018)

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Image source: Trends in Neurosciences Journal 

11. Chest

Being the official publication of the American College of Chest Physicians, CHEST publishes articles that are adept in multidisciplinary specialties of chest medicine, like pulmonology, critical care, sleep medicine, cardiorespiratory interactions, thoracic surgery, transplantation, airways disease and more. The basic areas of studies dealt with in this journal are Medicine, Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine, Critical care and intensive care medicine, pulmonary and respiratory medicine. Based in the United States.

Impact factor: 9.657
H index: 269
Journalistic Abbreviation: CHEST
Total cites: 7,000+ (2018)

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Image source: Chest Journal 

12. Water research

Being open access and peer-reviewed journal, Water research is based originally in the Netherlands. The major areas this deals with are Environmental science, Ecological modeling, pollution, waste management and disposal, water science, and technology. A broader outline of the scope of the journal on a broader basis includes treatment processes for water and wastewater, municipal, agricultural, and industrial, including residuals management. Water quality assessment and management, including source characterization. The journal boasts of a broad base of the audience from the fields of Biologists, chemical engineers, chemists, civil engineers, environmental engineers, limnologists, and microbiologists.

Impact factor: 7.913
H index: 263
Journalistic Abbreviation: Water Res.
Total cites: 20,000+ (2018)

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Image source: Water Research Journal 


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