Introducing SciSpace — Revolutionizing research workflows end-to-end

Introducing SciSpace — Revolutionizing research workflows end-to-end

Saikiran Chandha
Saikiran Chandha

I am excited to announce that Typeset has rebranded to SciSpace (Formerly Typeset)! Yes, as of May 11, 2022, we have adopted a new brand name, logo, and color scheme. Hence, the entirely new look and feel!

The changes do not stop there. We have expanded our vision further — make science more collaborative and accessible. We loved the name Typeset, but with our offerings growing beyond research writing and formatting, we decided to adopt a brand identity that better represented everything we are today and what we aspire to become.

That's why we evolved into SciSpace — a much more holistic vision, a new look, and an improved experience, but with the same simplicity, intuitiveness, and empathy. Be rest assured that it is still the same team behind this new identity. The writing, formatting, and publishing tools will remain the same with minor improvements and a new set of colors. Customers with subscriptions will not be affected in any way.

I want to take this opportunity to take you through our journey till now, share the thought process behind the new identity, and, most importantly, reveal what's in store for you.

Our journey till now

The SciSpace Team (Back in 2017)
The SciSpace Team (Back in 2017)

It is funny to look back and think that it all began with rejection. My university rejected my thesis in the final year of graduation because of inappropriate formatting.

Spurred by the misery, I explored the problem further, only to realize that researchers worldwide spend tens of thousands of hours formatting and re-formatting. This led me and my co-founder, Shanu Kumar, to build Typeset V1— a prototype that automatically formats journal submissions to IEEE journals.

Fast forward six years, we now offer 100,000+ journal templates and produce 30,000+ papers per month. We've grown exponentially and moved beyond formatting into an end-to-end research platform with tools to write seamlessly, edit, and publish research. Our user base now comprises researchers including Nobel Laureates, prestigious institutions such as MIT, Stanford, CERN, and top publishing companies worldwide.

The why?

While Typeset's growth has been remarkable, our interactions with different stakeholders in the academic community combined with our experiences also made us aware of glaring gaps in the ecosystem.

Scientific research essentially happened in silos — departmental, institutional, geographical, and even those erected by funding bodies. Access to new findings becomes limited. There is hardly any visibility into who is researching what, the papers they are writing, and if they are open to collaborating with others. Cooperation and collaboration are tricky when the community is working in obscurity.

Paywalls and information scatter further compound the problem. These hindrances stop scientific knowledge from flowing freely and make it expensive for researchers to access critical data and findings, slowing down our incremental progress against life-threatening challenges. A recent study on global health research found that up to 42% of scholarly articles were published behind a paywall.

Moreover, authors and institutions have minimal insights into their audience. They don't know who is viewing, downloading, or citing their papers. Without this information, it is almost impossible to maximize the impact of the research.

These challenges need addressing — COVID, climate change, and other crises have made it abundantly clear that this can't go on. This is what led us down the path of evolution.

The how?

We started working on our evolution in early 2021. Two significant questions stood before us: how to build a world where breakthrough scientific research happens at pace, and how do we evolve our brand messaging to convey the same.

SciSpace Logo construction process
SciSpace logo construction process

After countless hours of research, brainstorming, mood boarding, discussions, and reviews, we answered the two questions with this framework:

The vision

Our vision at SciSpace is to help the research community connect dots faster and accelerate scientific discovery via collective action, unrestricted access to knowledge, and a better medium for publishing.

The mission

SciSpace on a mission is to become the most comprehensive end-to-end platform for researchers, modernizing everything from the literature search and research writing to improving research visibility.

The brand name

SciSpace combines the words' Science' and 'Workspace'. It symbolizes our vision to bring every stakeholder — readers, researchers, faculty, publishers, and universities — under one roof and provide an open space where they can discover research, discuss findings, connect and collaborate, and disseminate research.

The new SciSpace Typeface
The new SciSpace Typeface

The logo is constructed from the letter 'S', a nod to Science, Scientific Community, and SciSpace. It is stylized in a way that it represents the opening of a cube or block. As for the logo colors, they are meant to illustrate how the night sky of unknown transforms into a blue day sky of enlightenment or scholarship.

The new SciSpace logo — showcasing the journey from the unknown to the known
The new SciSpace logo — showcasing the journey from the unknown to the known

A new experience

We are currently making minor changes and enhancements to our overall user interface and experience and our digital presence. In addition to that, we have created distinct pages for our offerings to ensure our positioning and value proposition are clear.

SciSpace online presence – Website, SciSpace Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn
Product pages – Write, Find, For Publisher,

Scispace for writers
SciSpace for writers
Scispace for publishers
Scispace for publisher
SciSpace discover
SciSpace discover

Where we are headed

As part of the initial release, you will have access to an exhaustive repository that hosts 270 million+ research papers across disciplines, fully indexed and enriched, and has best-in-class search and recommendation capabilities. The new application will be fully integrated with their existing research writing and publishing tools.

We plan to introduce a range of applications that enable researchers to network and collaborate effectively and discover and consume research seamlessly in future releases.

Unlike other platforms in the market, SciSpace is the only fully-integrated platform that focuses on addressing the needs of every stakeholder involved and making scientific knowledge available in its entirety. Scientific progress cannot be accelerated in silos. Connecting all stakeholders across the ecosystem empowers everyone to work faster and solve problems more quickly.

Parting thoughts

With this rebrand, I believe we are taking a giant step toward expanding our vision and advancing the way we operate. We are no longer in this just to make research writing more effortless. We are in it to help researchers connect the dots faster and achieve scientific breakthroughs more quickly.

Lastly, we're incredibly proud of our work at SciSpace and thankful for the teammates, the partnerships, and the customers that have accompanied us in our growth. We are eternally grateful for your support and encouragement.