Why an authoring platform for research?
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Why an authoring platform for research?

Saikiran Chandha
Saikiran Chandha

And why it’s more than just writing

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Hi, I am Saikiran, Founder and CEO of SciSpace (Formerly Typeset). SciSpace is a platform to write, format and collaborate on research papers.

Why a new product specifically for writing research papers, you may ask? Why science needs better tools to communicate research? Why do we do what we do?

Research is one of the important pillars of scientific progress this planet needs. Scientists spend years in finding that one thing that can change the course of their fields. And they spend a lot of time and effort in writing and presenting their knowledge for publishing. For researchers, it’s their life’s work.

You might think that researchers have all the tools to do this “important” job. Not just tools, the right kind of tools. Tools that would help them focus on writing their research, tools that would help them communicate all their knowledge in a way that can be consumed and acted upon. Tools that would help accelerate scientific discovery and consumption.

I had the same assumption.

The first time I wrote my research paper I saw how fragmented, time consuming and inefficient the process is. There is no writing tool built for research. So we use MS Word loaded with plugins. Plugins for references. Plugins for equations. Plugins everywhere. Not to mention the hours spent to go through and adhere to the various journal guidelines and instructions. For example, IEEE journal instructions runs in pages.

So its just the broken authoring experience? Not exactly.

Critical to scientific progress is reproducing research findings, so that scientists can make their own conclusions and build on the research produced. But the word processors of today do not allow for complete sharing of data/code, not helping the replication crisis research is facing today.

Link to original data is lost in the disseminated research today

Adding to all this, publishers again re-c0nstruct all the data at their side for exact same reason — word processors of today are not built for web publishing.

That’s why we built SciSpace . Not just as a word processor. Not just as a Google docs for researchers. Not just as an auto formatter. Not just as a document transformer. But as an authoring platform for researchers who need a research communicating tool built for the 21st century.

SciSpace (Formerly Typeset) is a platform that provides all the tools needed to communicate your research in one place. A platform that lets you focus on your research writing. A platform that helps you communicate your knowledge in its entirety.

Researchers from 48 countries across 78 universities are using SciSpace. Give it a try. I am sure it will transform the way you write your research. If not I want to hear about it. You can email me at sai@typeset.io and I will respond.

Wishing you all the best,

Saikiran, CEO, SciSpace

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