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We Are on a Mission to Accelerate Scientific Breakthroughs

SciSpace is the easiest way to find, understand, and learn any research paper. For every paper you read, get simple explanations and answers from AI and discover a network of connected and relevant papers — all in one place.

We believe scientific breakthroughs are better served when they happen ahead of time. But every day, researchers worldwide waste their precious time sifting the internet for relevant information, formatting and reformatting papers, among other mindless tasks.

This is where SciSpace comes in. Our end-to-end purpose-built workspace enables researchers, publishers, and institutions to collaborate and work efficiently, automate repetitive tasks, and discover information quickly. As a repository of research papers across domains — with metadata of 200 million+ papers and 50 million+ Open Access full-text PDFs, we are dedicated and focused on designing features that simplify research discovery and learning.

Our Journey to SciSpace

Researchers worldwide waste a ton of time on menial tasks — slowing them down in their quests to find answers to some of humanity's most critical challenges. This is what drove Sai to build Typeset, along with Co-Founder Shanu Kumar, in 2015.

What started as a research formatting tool soon grew into a full-fledged research platform with tools to seamlessly discover, explore, understand, and write research. By 2021, millions of researchers, students, professors, publishers, and institutions worldwide were using our platform to get research done.

But we knew there was a long way for us to go. Customer feedback and industry experience made us aware of glaring gaps in the ecosystem — research still happens in silos, and access barriers still stop scientific knowledge from flowing freely.

This is why we decided to adopt a new brand identity—SciSpace— in 2022, making science more collaborative and accessible.

At SciSpace, everything we do revolves around the core mission of accelerating scientific discovery and learning.