Become a Typeset Research Lead
in your campus

Passionate about research? Want to play a prominent role as a leader in the research community?
Typeset Research Lead program provides you the resources and tools to make an impact.

Typeset Research lead program is a support system for researchers. We enable researchers on campus to improve their research communication, share knowledge and tools, learn about latest in research and contribute back to the research community.
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The Program

Join the global network of over 1,500 Typeset Leads! Our Leads range from students to professors in nearly every continent. Leads can choose how they want to participate and the Leads program is designed to fit around your work schedule - not the other way around.

How will you lead?

  1. Organize and lead research related workshops
  2. Build user community in your campus
  3. Play a key role in Typeset university launches
  4. Blog about your experience using
  5. Get Typeset represented in your library or society website
  6. Help us learn more about the needs of researchers in your university
  7. Interact with our design team and share product user experience insights
  8. Talk to your professors and peers about

What will you gain?

  1. Research Lead Certificate from
  2. Free premium membership to
  3. VIP access to our journal experts to help improve your chances to get published
  4. Eligibility for paid internship at Typeset
  5. Get your work featured on page to drive more citations
  6. Connect and work with our researchers in 62 countries
  7. Pizza and drinks on us when you give a demo or talk at your institution
  8. Early exclusive access to new features on Typeset
  9. Opportunity to represent Typeset in top conferences around the world
  10. Earn through Typeset Affiliate program
  11. Exclusive invites to events in your neighborhood
  12. High level priority to custom format requests on
  13. Free conference tickets for top performing research leads
  14. Loads of free swag - Typeset t-shirts, pens, stickers and more
  15. Access to our exclusive newsletter about latest in research
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  1. How do I qualify for Typeset research lead program?
  2. How to become a research lead?
  3. Do I get paid as a Typeset Research Lead?
  4. What is this program about?
  5. What will I be doing as a part of the program?
  6. I have applied for the lead but haven’t heard back, was it rejected?
  7. What does Research lead program intend to achieve?
  8. Will you pay for food/travel/room fees?
  9. Do I have to present results once i become a lead?
  10. I have additional questions, who do I contact?