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Acoustic wave

About: Acoustic wave is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 31105 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 452832 citation(s). The topic is also known as: sound wave & pressure wave.
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01 Jan 1992-
Abstract: Introduction.- The Helmholtz Equation.- Direct Acoustic Obstacle Scattering.- III-Posed Problems.- Inverse Acoustic Obstacle Scattering.- The Maxwell Equations.- Inverse Electromagnetic Obstacle Scattering.- Acoustic Waves in an Inhomogeneous Medium.- Electromagnetic Waves in an Inhomogeneous Medium.- The Inverse Medium Problem.-References.- Index

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Abstract: A theory is initiated, based on the equations of motion of a gas, for the purpose of estimating the sound radiated from a fluid flow, with rigid boundaries, which as a result of instability contains regular fluctuations or turbulence. The sound field is that which would be produced by a static distribution of acoustic quadrupoles whose instantaneous strength per unit volume is ρv i v j + p ij - a 2 0 ρ δ ij , where ρ is the density, v i the velocity vector, p ij the compressive stress tensor, and a 0 the velocity of sound outside the flow. This quadrupole strength density may be approximated in many cases as ρ 0 v i v j . The radiation field is deduced by means of retarded potential solutions. In it, the intensity depends crucially on the frequency as well as on the strength of the quadrupoles, and as a result increases in proportion to a high power, near the eighth, of a typical velocity U in the flow. Physically, the mechanism of conversion of energy from kinetic to acoustic is based on fluctuations in the flow of momentum across fixed surfaces, and it is explained in § 2 how this accounts both for the relative inefficiency of the process and for the increase of efficiency with U . It is shown in § 7 how the efficiency is also increased, particularly for the sound emitted forwards, in the case of fluctuations convected at a not negligible Mach number.

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01 Jan 1950-
Abstract: Fundamentals of Vibration. Transverse Motion: The Vibrating String. Vibrations of Bars. The Two--Dimensional Wave Equation: Vibrations of Membranes and Plates. The Acoustic Wave Equation and Simple Solutions. Reflection and Transmission. Radiation and Reception of Acoustic Waves. Absorption and Attenuation of Sound. Cavities and Waveguides. Pipes, Resonators, and Filters. Noise, Signal Detection, Hearing, and Speech. Architectural Acoustics. Environmental Acoustics. Transduction. Underwater Acoustics. Selected Nonlinear Acoustic Effects. Shock Waves and Explosions. Appendices. Answers to Odd--Numbered Problems. Index.

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Abstract: New acoustic waves originating from a balance of dust particle inertia and plasma pressure are investigated. It is shown that these waves can propagate linearly as a normal mode in a dusty plasma, and non-linearly as supersonic solitons of either positive or negative electrostatic potential.

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