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About: Aeroelasticity is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 7804 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 122172 citation(s). more

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01 Jan 1955-
Abstract: An introduction to the theory of aeroelasticity , An introduction to the theory of aeroelasticity , مرکز فناوری اطلاعات و اطلاع رسانی کشاورزی more

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Wei Shyy1, Hikaru Aono1, Satish Kumar Chimakurthi1, Pat Trizila1  +3 moreInstitutions (2)
Abstract: Micro air vehicles (MAVs) have the potential to revolutionize our sensing and information gathering capabilities in areas such as environmental monitoring and homeland security. Flapping wings with suitable wing kinematics, wing shapes, and flexible structures can enhance lift as well as thrust by exploiting large-scale vortical flow structures under various conditions. However, the scaling invariance of both fluid dynamics and structural dynamics as the size changes is fundamentally difficult. The focus of this review is to assess the recent progress in flapping wing aerodynamics and aeroelasticity. It is realized that a variation of the Reynolds number (wing sizing, flapping frequency, etc.) leads to a change in the leading edge vortex (LEV) and spanwise flow structures, which impacts the aerodynamic force generation. While in classical stationary wing theory, the tip vortices (TiVs) are seen as wasted energy, in flapping flight, they can interact with the LEV to enhance lift without increasing the power requirements. Surrogate modeling techniques can assess the aerodynamic outcomes between two- and three-dimensional wing. The combined effect of the TiVs, the LEV, and jet can improve the aerodynamics of a flapping wing. Regarding aeroelasticity, chordwise flexibility in the forward flight can substantially adjust the projected area normal to the flight trajectory via shape deformation, hence redistributing thrust and lift. Spanwise flexibility in the forward flight creates shape deformation from the wing root to the wing tip resulting in varied phase shift and effective angle of attack distribution along the wing span. Numerous open issues in flapping wing aerodynamics are highlighted. more

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Abstract: In this paper, we review the development of new reduced-order modeling techniques and discuss their applicability to various problems in computational physics. Emphasis is given to methods ba'sed on Volterra series representations and the proper orthogonal decomposition. Results are reported for different nonlinear systems to provide clear examples of the construction and use of reduced-order models, particularly in the multi-disciplinary field of computational aeroelasticity. Unsteady aerodynamic and aeroelastic behaviors of two- dimensional and three-dimensional geometries are described. Large increases in computational efficiency are obtained through the use of reduced-order models, thereby justifying the initial computational expense of constructing these models and inotivatim,- their use for multi-disciplinary design analysis. more

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01 Jan 1975-
Abstract: Keywords: aeroelasticite ; instationnaire ; structures Reference Record created on 2005-11-18, modified on 2016-08-08 more

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Earl H. Dowell, R. M. Bennett1, H. C. Curtiss, R. H. Scanlan  +1 moreInstitutions (1)
31 Aug 1989-
Abstract: Static Aeroelasticity.- Dynamic Aeroelasticity.- Nonsteady Aerodynamics of Lifting and Non-Lifting Surfaces.- Stall Flutter.- Aeroelasticity in Civil Engineering.- Aeroelastic Response of Rotorcraft.- Aeroelasticity in Turbomachines.- Modeling of Fluid-Structure Interaction.- Experimental Aeroelasticity.- Nonlinear Aeroelasticity.- Aeroelastic Control.- Modern Analysis for Complex and Nonlinear Unsteady Flows in Turbomachinery. more

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