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Alloy wheel

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Open accessJournal ArticleDOI: 10.5545/SV-JME.2009.046
Abstract: To improve the quality of aluminum wheels, a new method for evaluating the fatigue life of aluminum wheels is proposed in this paper. The ABAQUS software was used to build the static load finite element model of aluminum wheels for simulating the rotary fatigue test. The equivalent stress amplitude was calculated based on the nominal stress method by considering the effects of mean load, size, fatigue notch, surface finish and scatter factors. The fatigue life of aluminum wheels was predicted by using the equivalent stress amplitude and aluminum alloy wheel S-N curve. The results from the aluminum wheel rotary fatigue bench test showed that the baseline wheel failed the test and its crack initiation was around the hub bolt hole area that agreed with the simulation. Using the method proposed in this paper, the wheel life cycle was improved to over 1.0×105 and satisfied the design requirement. The results indicated that the proposed method of integrating finite element analysis and nominal stress method was a good and efficient method to predict the fatigue life of aluminum wheels. more

Topics: Vibration fatigue (64%), Alloy wheel (56%)

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08 Aug 2012-
Abstract: The invention discloses a process for casting an 8356 type A356 aluminum alloy wheel and a heat treatment process. The process comprises the following steps of: a, adopting a metal mold low-pressure casting process, wherein the pouring temperature is between 690 and 735 DEG C, and the die preheating temperature is between 250 and 350 DEG C; b, performing thinning in a smelting furnace, adjusting the content of iron and silicon in aluminum liquid, performing metamorphosis in a refining pack and nitrogen-blowing refining outside the furnace, and adjusting the content of magnesium, strontium andtitanium in the aluminum liquid; c, adding a cooling pipe to a thick and big part of the wheel to perform quick cooling, and filling insulation cotton on the periphery of a side die to slow down the cooling speed of the middle part of a wheel rim so as to realize solidification in order; and d, cooling a wheel cast and putting the wheel cast into a heat treatment kiln to perform solution and aging treatment. In the process, suitable pouring temperature and reasonable cooling measures are adopted to effectively realize feeding and shrinkage of the cast; in the pouring process, a filter screen is arranged at a riser tube to effectively prevent inclusions; and through the control of key technological parameters, the product quality of the 8356 type A356 aluminum alloy wheel cast is ensured. more

Topics: Alloy wheel (58%), Casting (54%)

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Open accessJournal ArticleDOI: 10.47893/IJMIE.2012.1078
Abstract: In this paper a detailed "Fatigue Analysis of Aluminum Alloy Wheel under Radial Load". During the part of project a static and fatigue analysis of aluminum alloy wheel A356.2 was carried out using FEA package. The 3 dimensional model of the wheel was designed using CATIA. Then the 3-D model was imported into ANSYS using the IGES format. The finite element idealization of this modal was then produced using the 10 node tetrahedron solid element. The analysis was performed in a static condition. This is constrained in all degree of freedom at the PCD and hub portion. The pressure is applied on the rim. We find out the total deformation, alternative stress and shear stress by using FEA software. And also we find out the life, safety factor and damage of alloy wheel by using S-N curve. S-N curve is input for a A.356.2 material. more

Topics: Alloy wheel (57%), Stress (mechanics) (50%)

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02 Jun 2010-
Abstract: The invention discloses an aluminum alloy wheel hub film-coating process. The aluminum alloy wheel hub film-coating process comprises the steps of oil removing, cleaning and drying, pre-treating, epoxy polyester powder spraying and solidifying, grinding I, methyl methacrylate-acrylate copolymer paint spraying and solidifying, grinding II, polybutadiene high temperature-resistant insulating film-coating spraying and solidifying, vacuum cathode arc ion chromium plating and magnetism control sputtering aluminum plating, and polyurethane methacrylate light solidifying paint spraying and solidifying sequentially. The invention adopts dry electric plating to replace the traditional wet electric plating, the plating layer surface quality and the physical and chemical properties are approximatelyequivalent to that of the wet electric plated aluminum alloy wheel hub, the chromium consumption is reduced to about one fifth of the wet electric plating, the water consumption is reduced to about one seventh of the wet electric plating, precious nickel and copper are not utilized, the poisonous metal substance such as hexavalent chromium is not contained, the pollution to the environment is reduced, the energy, water and precious metal consumption is remarkably reduced, the technological flow is simplified, the production efficiency is enhanced, the heavy polishing working sequence is omitted, the working condition is remarkably improved, and the cost is reduced. more

Topics: Plating (63%), Chrome plating (59%), Alloy wheel (52%) more

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15 Feb 2002-
Abstract: A garnish light alloy wheel includes a light alloy wheel and a garnish. The light alloy wheel includes an outboard surface and a recess located at a portion of the light alloy wheel including a spoke portion. The recess recedes from the outboard surface of the light alloy wheel. The garnish is manufactured separately from the light alloy wheel and is exchangeably mounted to the light alloy wheel at the recess. The light alloy wheel and the garnish construct a design surface of the garnish light alloy wheel, and the garnish has an outboard surface constructing a portion of the design surface of the garnish light alloy wheel. more

Topics: Alloy wheel (59%)

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