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Anastrepta orcadensis

About: Anastrepta orcadensis is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 3 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 46 citation(s).

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Abstract: Anadensin, a new diterpenoid from the liverwort Anastrepta orcadensis (Hook) Schiffn., has been shown by X-ray crystallographic analysis to have the fusicoccane structure (1).

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01 Jan 1990
Abstract: [Parts of Introduction in lieu of Abstract] This paper is concerned initially with the structural elucidation by spectroscopic methods (principally NMR) of two more of the diterpenoids reported by Huneck and Overton (1971), namely anastreptin and orcadensin, isolated, respectively, from a German and a Scottish collection of Anastrepta orcadensis. Some cis-clerodanes isolated from Jungermannia paroica are also considered, and subsequently two novel bibenzyl-fusicoccane conjugates (spinuloplagins A and B) isolated from Plagiochila spinulosa.

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01 Dec 2012-Herzogia
Abstract: BAUMANN, M. 2012. Distribution and phytosociology of Anastrepta orcadensis in the Ore Mountains (Saxony). - Herzogia 25: 245 –270. The historical and current distribution of Anastrepta orcadensis in the Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge, Saxony) is presented. The association of the species is demonstrated and discussed by 31 phytosociological releves. The species grows in humid sites on humus and peat-soil in Norway spruce forests, which belongs to the phytosociological units Betulo carpaticae-Piceetum, Calamagrostio villosae-Piceetum and Bazzanio-Piceetum. In the Ore Mountains the species is endangered by changes of climate and habitat conditions.

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