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01 Aug 1983-
Abstract: Contents: Introduction: Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems.- An Introduction to Chaos: Four Examples.- Local Bifurcations.- Averaging and Perturbation from a Geometric Viewpoint.- Hyperbolic Sets, Sympolic Dynamics, and Strange Attractors.- Global Bifurcations.- Local Codimension Two Bifurcations of Flows.- Appendix: Suggestions for Further Reading. Postscript Added at Second Printing. Glossary. References. Index.

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Abstract: We present the first algorithms that allow the estimation of non-negative Lyapunov exponents from an experimental time series. Lyapunov exponents, which provide a qualitative and quantitative characterization of dynamical behavior, are related to the exponentially fast divergence or convergence of nearby orbits in phase space. A system with one or more positive Lyapunov exponents is defined to be chaotic. Our method is rooted conceptually in a previously developed technique that could only be applied to analytically defined model systems: we monitor the long-term growth rate of small volume elements in an attractor. The method is tested on model systems with known Lyapunov spectra, and applied to data for the Belousov-Zhabotinskii reaction and Couette-Taylor flow.

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Abstract: We study the correlation exponent v introduced recently as a characteristic measure of strange attractors which allows one to distinguish between deterministic chaos and random noise. The exponent v is closely related to the fractal dimension and the information dimension, but its computation is considerably easier. Its usefulness in characterizing experimental data which stem from very high dimensional systems is stressed. Algorithms for extracting v from the time series of a single variable are proposed. The relations between the various measures of strange attractors and between them and the Lyapunov exponents are discussed. It is shown that the conjecture of Kaplan and Yorke for the dimension gives an upper bound for v. Various examples of finite and infinite dimensional systems are treated, both numerically and analytically.

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01 Oct 1989-
Abstract: Equilibrium Solutions, Stability, and Linearized Stability * Liapunov Functions * Invariant Manifolds: Linear and Nonlinear Systems * Periodic Orbits * Vector Fields Possessing an Integral * Index Theory * Some General Properties of Vector Fields: Existence, Uniqueness, Differentiability, and Flows * Asymptotic Behavior * The Poincare-Bendixson Theorem * Poincare Maps * Conjugacies of Maps, and Varying the Cross-Section * Structural Stability, Genericity, and Transversality * Lagrange's Equations * Hamiltonian Vector Fields * Gradient Vector Fields * Reversible Dynamical Systems * Asymptotically Autonomous Vector Fields * Center Manifolds * Normal Forms * Bifurcation of Fixed Points of Vector Fields * Bifurcations of Fixed Points of Maps * On the Interpretation and Application of Bifurcation Diagrams: A Word of Caution * The Smale Horseshoe * Symbolic Dynamics * The Conley-Moser Conditions or 'How to Prove That a Dynamical System is Chaotic' * Dynamics Near Homoclinic Points of Two-Dimensional Maps * Orbits Homoclinic to Hyperbolic Fixed Points in Three-Dimensional Autonomous Vector Fields * Melnikov's Method for Homoclinic Orbits in Two-Dimensional, Time-Periodic Vector Fields * Liapunov Exponents * Chaos and Strange Attractors * Hyperbolic Invariant Sets: A Chaotic Saddle * Long Period Sinks in Dissipative Systems and Elliptic Islands in Conservative Systems * Global Bifurcations Arising from Local Codimension-Two Bifurcations * Glossary of Frequently Used Terms

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10 Sep 1993-
Abstract: Contents: General results and concepts on invariant sets and attractors.- Elements of functional analysis.- Attractors of the dissipative evolution equation of the first order in time: reaction-diffusion equations.- Fluid mechanics and pattern formation equations.- Attractors of dissipative wave equations.- Lyapunov exponents and dimensions of attractors.- Explicit bounds on the number of degrees of freedom and the dimension of attractors of some physical systems.- Non-well-posed problems, unstable manifolds. lyapunov functions, and lower bounds on dimensions.- The cone and squeezing properties.- Inertial manifolds.- New chapters: Inertial manifolds and slow manifolds the nonselfadjoint case.

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