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About: Attributive is a research topic. Over the lifetime, 766 publications have been published within this topic receiving 11707 citations.

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31 Oct 1979
TL;DR: A taxonomy of illocutionary acts is given in this article, along with a discussion of the logical status of fictional discourse and its relation to the notion of metaphorical meaning.
Abstract: Acknowledgements Introduction Origins of the essays 1. A taxonomy of illocutionary acts 2. Indirect speech acts 3. The logical status of fictional discourse 4. Metaphor 5. Literal meaning 6. Referential and attributive 7. Speech acts and recent linguistics Bibliography Index.

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TL;DR: It is shown that deciding coherence and subsumption of such descriptions are PSPACE-complete problems that can be decided with linear space.

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01 Jan 1993
TL;DR: In this article, direct reference in language and thought is discussed and the meaning of proper names in the context of language and speech is discussed. But it is not discussed in this paper.
Abstract: Preface. Part I: Direct Reference in Language and Thought. I.1 De re Communication. 1. Direct Reference and Linguistic Meaning: Rigidity de jure. . 2. Singular Propositions and Thoughts. 3. The Communication of de re Thoughts. I.2 From Language to Thought. 4. Linguistic and Psychological Modes of Presentation. 5. The Meaning and Cognitive Significance of Indexical Expressions. I.3 De re Thoughts. 6. De re Modes of Presentation. 7. Egocentric Concepts vs. Encyclopedia Entries. I.4 Proper Names. 8. The Meaning of Proper Names. 9. Answering Kripkea s Objections. 10. Proper Names in Thought. I.5 The Two--Component Picture: A Defence. 11. Narrow Content and Psychological Explanation. 12. Externalism and the Two--Component Picture. Part II: The Pragmatics of Direct Reference. II.1 Methodological Preliminaries. 13. Truth--Conditional Pragmatics. 14. Primary Pragmatic Processes. II.2 Referential/Attributive. 15. The Referential Use of Definite Descriptions. 16. The Descriptive Use of Indexicals. II.3 Belief Reports. 17. Belief Reports and Conversational Implicatures. 18. Belief Reports and the Semantics of That--Clauses. 19. Comparison with Other Accounts. 20. How Ambiguous are Belief Sentences?. Bibliography. Index.

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01 Jan 1967-Lingua
TL;DR: There is a clear functional difference between predicative modification and attributive modification, and two solutions are offered to account for the restrictions.

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TL;DR: This work shows that adult native speakers think of causality in English verbs that name interactions between two persons as unequally apportioned between interactants, and shows that two modes of thought (the Agent-Patient Schema and the Stimulus-Experiencer Schema) affect language use.

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