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Bessel function

About: Bessel function is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 9542 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 153490 citation(s). The topic is also known as: Bessel functions.

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01 Jan 1944
Abstract: 1. Bessel functions before 1826 2. The Bessel coefficients 3. Bessel functions 4. Differential equations 5. Miscellaneous properties of Bessel functions 6. Integral representations of Bessel functions 7. Asymptotic expansions of Bessel functions 8. Bessel functions of large order 9. Polynomials associated with Bessel functions 10. Functions associated with Bessel functions 11. Addition theorems 12. Definite integrals 13. Infinitive integrals 14. Multiple integrals 15. The zeros of Bessel functions 16. Neumann series and Lommel's functions of two variables 17. Kapteyn series 18. Series of Fourier-Bessel and Dini 19. Schlomlich series 20. The tabulation of Bessel functions Tables of Bessel functions Bibliography Indices.

9,570 citations

01 Jan 1947
Abstract: Partial table of contents: THE ALGEBRA OF LINEAR TRANSFORMATIONS AND QUADRATIC FORMS. Transformation to Principal Axes of Quadratic and Hermitian Forms. Minimum-Maximum Property of Eigenvalues. SERIES EXPANSION OF ARBITRARY FUNCTIONS. Orthogonal Systems of Functions. Measure of Independence and Dimension Number. Fourier Series. Legendre Polynomials. LINEAR INTEGRAL EQUATIONS. The Expansion Theorem and Its Applications. Neumann Series and the Reciprocal Kernel. The Fredholm Formulas. THE CALCULUS OF VARIATIONS. Direct Solutions. The Euler Equations. VIBRATION AND EIGENVALUE PROBLEMS. Systems of a Finite Number of Degrees of Freedom. The Vibrating String. The Vibrating Membrane. Green's Function (Influence Function) and Reduction of Differential Equations to Integral Equations. APPLICATION OF THE CALCULUS OF VARIATIONS TO EIGENVALUE PROBLEMS. Completeness and Expansion Theorems. Nodes of Eigenfunctions. SPECIAL FUNCTIONS DEFINED BY EIGENVALUE PROBLEMS. Bessel Functions. Asymptotic Expansions. Additional Bibliography. Index.

7,401 citations

01 Jun 1961
Abstract: Foreword to the Revised Edition. Preface. Fundamental Concepts. Introduction to Waves. Some Theorems and Concepts. Plane Wave Functions. Cylindrical Wave Functions. Spherical Wave Functions. Perturbational and Variational Techniques. Microwave Networks. Appendix A: Vector Analysis. Appendix B: Complex Permittivities. Appendix C: Fourier Series and Integrals. Appendix D: Bessel Functions. Appendix E: Legendre Functions. Bibliography. Index.

5,482 citations

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Abstract: This paper is concerned with the evaluation and tabulation of certain integrals of the type (* 00 I(p, v; A) = J J fa t) ) e~cttxdt. In part I of this paper, a formula is derived for the integrals in terms of an integral of a hypergeometric function. This new integral is evaluated in the particular cases which are of most frequent use in mathematical physics. By means of these results, approximate expansions are obtained for cases in which the ratio b/a is small or in which b~a and is small. In part II, recurrence relations are developed between integrals with integral values of the parameters pt, v and A. Tables are given by means of which 7(0, 0; 1), 7(0, 1; 1), 7(1, 0; 1), 7(1,1; 1), 7(0, 0 ;0), 7(1, 0;90), 7(0, 1; 0), 7(1, 1; 0), 7(0,1; - 1 ), 7(1,0; - 1 ) and 7(1,1; - 1 ) may be evaluated for 0

2,889 citations

16 Mar 2009
Abstract: Preface.- 1. Lp Spaces and Interpolation.- 2. Maximal Functions, Fourier Transform, and Distributions.- 3. Fourier Series.- 4. Topics on Fourier Series.- 5. Singular Integrals of Convolution Type.- 6. Littlewood-Paley Theory and Multipliers.- 7. Weighted Inequalities.- A. Gamma and Beta Functions.- B. Bessel Functions.- C. Rademacher Functions.- D. Spherical Coordinates.- E. Some Trigonometric Identities and Inequalities.- F. Summation by Parts.- G. Basic Functional Analysis.- H. The Minimax Lemma.- I. Taylor's and Mean Value Theorem in Several Variables.- J. The Whitney Decomposition of Open Sets in Rn.- Glossary.- References.- Index.

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