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Brushed DC electric motor

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01 Jan 1994-
Abstract: Written for electrical, electronics, and mechanical engineers responsible for designing and specifying motors, the book provides details of brushless DC and synchronous motors, as well as both radial and axial motor topologies. Beginning with a discussion of the fundamentals of generic motor design, it logically progresses to a set of more advanced, yet easily understandable, concepts for designing brushless permanent-magnet motors. In addition, the author fully explains techniques for magnetic modelling and circuit analysis, shows how magnetic circuit analysis applies to motor design, describes all major aspects of motor operation and design in simple mathematical terms, develops rigorous design equations for radial flux and axial flux motors, and illustrates basic motor drive schemes. All common motor design terms are clearly defined and a wealth of charts, tables and equations are included. more

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01 Jun 1994-
Abstract: Preface 1. General introduction 2. Motor and controller types 3. Basic design choices 4. Magnetic design 5. Electrical design 6. Sinewave motors 7. kt and ke 8. The back-EMF waveform 9. Core losses 10. Electronic commutation of squarewave motors 11. Performance evaluation by test 12. Computer aided design 13. Example designs 14. Control systems performance 15. Cooling 16. Magnetic materials 17. Field weakening of brushless DC motors 18. Design of axially laminated IPM motor Appendices of data more

Topics: Brushed DC electric motor (62%), Electric motor (62%), DC motor (60%)

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01 Oct 1996-
Abstract: Preface 1. Introduction 1.1 Permanent magnet versus electromagnetic excitation 1.2 Permanent magnet motor drives 1.3 Towards increasing the motor efficiency 1.4 Classification of permanent magnet electric motors 1.5 Trends in permanent magnet motors and drives industry 1.6 Applications of permanent magnet motors 1.7 Mechatronics 1.8 Fundamentals of mechanics of machines 1.9 Torque balance equation 1.10 Evaluation of cost of a PM motor 2. Permanent Magnet Materials and Circuits 2.1 Demagnetization curve and magnetic parameters 2.2 Early history of permanent magnets 2.3 Properties of permanent magnets 2.4 Approximation of demagnetization curve and recoil line 2.5 Operating diagram 2.6 Permeances for main and leakage fluxes 2.7 Calculation of magnetic circuits with permanent magnets 2.8 Mallinson-Halbach array and Halbach cylinder 3. Finite Element Analysis 3.1. Gradient, divergence and curl 3.2 Biot-Savart, Faraday's, and Gauss's laws 3.3 Gauss's theorem 3.4 Stokes' theorem 3.5 Maxwell's equations 3.6 Magnetic vector potential 3.7 Energy functionals 3.8 Finite element formulation 3.9 Boundary conditions 3.10 Mesh generation 3.11 Forces and torques in electromagnetic field 3.12 Inductances 3.13 Interactive FEM programs 4. Permanent Magnet d.c. Commutator Motors 4.1 Construction 4.2 Fundamental equations 4.3 Sizing procedure 4.4 Armature reaction 4.5 Commutation 4.6 Starting 4.7 Speed control 4.8 Servo motors 4.9 Magnetic circuit 4.10 Applications 5. Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors 5.1 Construction 5.2 Fundamental relationships 5.3 Phasor diagram 5.4 Characteristics 5.5 Starting 5.6 Reactances 5.7 Rotor configurations 5.8 Comparison between synchronous and induction motors 5.9 Sizing procedure and main dimensions 5.10 Performance calculation 5.11 Dynamic model of a PM motor 5.12 Noise and vibration of electromagnetic origin 5.13 Applications 6. d.c. Brushless Motors 6.1 Fundamental equations 6.2 Commutation of PM brushless motors 6.3 EMF and torque of PM brushless motors 6.4 Torque-speed characteristics 6.5 Winding losses 6.6 Torque ripple 6.7 Rotor position sensing of d.c. brushless motors 6.8 Sensorless motors 6.9 Motion Control of PM brushless motors 6.10 Universal brushless motor electromechanical drives 6.11 Smart motors 6.12 Applications 7. Axial Flux Motors 7.1 Force and torque 7.2 Performance 7.3 Double-sided motor with internal PM disk rotor 7.4 Double-sided motor with one stator 7.5 Single-sided motors 7.6 Ironless double-sided motors 7.7 Multidisk motors 7.8 Applications 8. High Power Density Brushless Motors 8.1 Design considerations 8.2 Requirements 8.3 Multiphase motors 8.4 Fault-tolerant PM brushless machines 8.5 Surface PM versus salient-pole rotor 8.6 Electromagnetic effects 8.7 Cooling 8.8 Construction of motors with cylindrical rotors 8.9 Construction of motors with disk rotors 8.10 Transverse flux motors 8.11 Applications 9. High Speed Motors 9.1 Why high speed motors? 9.2 Mechanical requirements 9.3 Construction of high speed PM brushless motors 9.4 Design of high speed PM brushless motors 9.5 Ultra high speed motors 9.6 Applications 10. Brushless Motors of Special Construction 10.1 Single-phase motors 10.2 Actuators for automotive 10.3 Integrated starter-generator 10.4 Large diameter motors 10.5 Three-axis torque motor 10.6 Slotless motors 10.7 Tip driven fan motors 11. Stepping Motors 11.1 Features of stepping motors 11.2 Fundamental equations 11.3 PM stepping motors 11.4 Reluctance stepping motors 11.5 Hybrid stepping motors 11.6 Motion control of stepping motors 11.7 PM stepping motors with rotor position transducers 11.8 Single-phase stepping motors 11.9 Voltage Equations and Electromagnetic Torque 11.10 Characteristics 11.11 Applications 12. Micromotors 12.1 What is a micromotor? 12.2 Permanent magnet brushless micromotors 12.3 Applications 13. Optimization 13.1 Mathematical formulation of optimization problem 13.2 Nonlinear programming methods 13.3 Population-based incremental learning 13.4 Response surface methodology 13.5 Modern approach to optimization of PM motors 14. Maintenance 14.1 Basic requirements to electric motors 14.2 Reliability 14.3 Failures of electric motors 14.4 Calculation of reliability of small PM brushless motors 14.5 Vibration and noise 14.6 Condition monitoring 14.7 Protection 14.8 Electromagnetic and radio frequency interference 14.9 Lubrication Appendices A. Leakage Inductance of a.c. Stator Windings B. Losses in a.c. Motors Symbols and Abbreviations References Index more

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27 Jan 1994-
Abstract: The ultrasonic motor, invented in 1980, utilizes the piezoelectric effect in the ultrasonic frequency range to provide the motive force. (In conventional electric motors the motive force is electromagnetic.) The result is a motor with unusually good low-speed high-torque and power-to-weight characteristics. It has already found applications in camera autofocus mechanisms, medical equipment subject to high magnetic fields, and motorized car accessories. Its applications will increase as designers become more familiar with its unique characteristics. This book is the result of a collaboration between the inventor and an expert in conventional electric motors: the result is an introduction to the general theory presented in a way that links it to conventional motor theory. It will be invaluable both to motor designers and to those who design with and use electric motors as an introduction to this important new invention. more

Topics: Electric motor (62%), Piezoelectric motor (61%), Ultrasonic motor (60%) more

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13 Jan 1994-
Abstract: General outline of ultrasonic motors Principles of operation and classification of ultrasonic motors Rotary motors. Part 1: Disk-or ring-type motors Rotary motors. Part 2: Rod-or plate-type motors Linear motors Applications of ultrasonic motors Design of ultrasonic motors Appendix 1: Equivalent circuits of piezoelectric vibrators Appendix 2: Transducers for ultrasonic motors Appendix 3: Measurement methods Appendix 4: Power supply circuits. more

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