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About: Buckling is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 30333 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 465853 citation(s).
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Abstract: The following investigation contains a general theory of bending of a bi-metal strip submitted to a uniform heating. This theory is applied in analysis of operation of a bi-metal strip thermostat. The equations are obtained for calculating the temperature of buckling, the complete travel during buckling, and the temperature of buckling in a backward direction.. By using these equations the dimensions of the thermostat for a given temperature of operation and a given complete range of temperature can be calculated. The results obtained are based on certain ideal conditions. For example, it was assumed that the differ­ ence in the coefficients of expansion remained constant during heating, that the friction at the supports could be neglected and that the width

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Abstract: This paper is concerned with the numerical solution of systems of equations of discrete variables, which represent the nonlinear behaviour of elastic systems under conservative loading conditions. In particular, an incremental approach to the solution of buckling and snapping problems is explored. The topics that are covered can be summarized as follows:—The computation of nonlinear equilibrium paths with continuation through limit points and bifurcation points.—The determination of critical equilibrium states. Characteristic to the procedures employed is the use of the length of the equilibrium path as control parameter. This feature, together with the second order iteration method of Newton, offers a reliable basis for the procedures described. Actual computations, carried out on a finite element model of a shallow circular arch, illustrate the effectiveness of the methods proposed.

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Abstract: The mechanical properties (linear and nonlinear elastic and plastic) of two-dimensional cellular materials, or honeycombs, are analysed and compared with experiments. The properties are well described in terms of the bending, elastic buckling and plastic collapse of the beams that make up the cell walls.

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01 Jan 1975-

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Abstract: 1. Orientation, Review of Elementary Mechanics of Materials. 2. Stress, Principal Stresses, Strain Energy. 3. Failure and Failure Criteria. 4. Applications of Energy Methods. 5. Beams on an Elastic Foundation. 6. Curved Beams. 7. Elements of Theory of Elasticity. 8. Pressurized Cylinders and Spinning Disks. 9. Torsion. 10. Unsymmetric Bending and Shear Center. 11. Plasticity in Structural Members. Collapse Analysis. 12. Plate Bending. 13. Shells of Revolution with Axisymmetric Loads. 14. Buckling and Instability. References. Index.

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