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01 Oct 2010-
Abstract: A chassis for mounting a set of operating components of a power head of a surgical instrument is disclosed. The power head has a housing enabling access to an interior volume of the power head encompassed by the housing. The set of operating components have a proper configuration for alignment when mounted within the interior volume encompassed by the housing. The chassis is configured to provide the proper configuration for alignment of either an original or replacement set of operating components mounted on the chassis if the chassis and set of operating components are mounted within the interior volume of the housing. The chassis may be formed from metal and the housing formed from a polymer. The chassis may be configured to ground at least one electrical component. more

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29 Mar 1996-
Abstract: Pull-on garments provided with a continuous belt (38) in the front region (26) and the back region (28) to distribute the forces generated during use in order to better fit the pull-on garment on the wearer. In a preferred embodiment, the pull-on garment comprises a chassis layer (40) comprising a continuous sheet that defines a front region, a back region, and a crotch region (30), first belt layer (42) joined to the chassis layer in the front region; a second belt layer (44) joined to the chassis layer in the back region; elastic laminate panel members (46, 48, 50, a.o) positioned between the belt layers and the chassis layers which laminate is mechanically stretched to form elastically extensible stretch laminates in both the front region and the back region in the side panels (64), and seams (32) joining the front region to the back region so as to form the leg openings (34) and waist openings (36). The continuous chassis layer and belt layers thus form the continuous belt of the pull-on garment. Because the belt layers extend continuously laterally across the waist region and do not cover the entire crotch region, and because the chassis layer is thus exposed in the crotch region, the pull-on garment has a unique aesthetic feature which consumers perceive as providing a cloth-like feel in the waist but containment characteristics in the crotch. more

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H Friedrich1, S Schumann1Institutions (1)
Abstract: Motivation for (more) magnesium in the automotive industry — research strategies for bringing about a “new age of magnesium” by means of the vehicle modules drive train, interior, body and chassis — use of realised and potential future magnesium components, differentiated according to the time frame and conceivable likelihood of realisation — R&D activities for the implementation of the predicted use of magnesium illustrated by example components and projects. more

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Yoichi Hori1Institutions (1)
Abstract: The electric vehicle (EV) is the most exciting object to apply "advanced motion control" technique. As an EV is driven by electric motors, it has the following three remarkable advantages: 1) motor torque generation is fast and accurate; 2) motors can be installed in two or four wheels; and 3) motor torque can be known precisely. These advantages enable us to easily realize: 1) high performance antilock braking system and traction control system with minor feedback control at each wheel; 2) chassis motion control like direct yaw control; and 3) estimation of road surface condition. "UOT Electric March II" is our novel experimental EV with four in-wheel motors. This EV is made for intensive study of advanced motion control of an EV. more

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02 Nov 1992-
Abstract: A unitary disposable garment, such as disposable training pants, having a high degree of stretch in the cross-machine direction and fitting a broad range of wearer sizes. The unitary disposable garment is manufactured from a chassis and has a waist opening, two leg openings and a pair of side seams which join the front portion of the chassis to the rear portion of the chassis. The unitary disposable garment preferably has an absorbent assembly, i.e. an absorbent insert, secured to the inner layer of the chassis. The chassis from which the unitary disposable garment is manufactured, has four elasticized ear flaps; each ear flap is elasticized by securing an elastomeric element thereto and mechanically stretching the ear flap and the elastomeric element such that the ear flap is elastically extensible in the direction of initial stretching. The front portion of the chassis is then joined to the rear portion of the chassis on each side of the disposable garment by a seam. more

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