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Chemically modified electrode

About: Chemically modified electrode is a research topic. Over the lifetime, 3064 publications have been published within this topic receiving 77454 citations.

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01 Jan 1984
TL;DR: An overview of analytical electrochemistry can be found in this paper, with a focus on analog instrumentation overcoming solution resistance with stability and grace in potentiostatic circuits conductivity and conductometry.
Abstract: An overview fundamental concepts of analytical electrochemistry large-amplitude controlled-potential techniques large-amplitude controlled-current techniques small-amplitude and related controlled-potential techniques introduction to analog instrumentation overcoming solution resistance with stability and grace in potentiostatic circuits conductivity and conductometry electrochemical cells carbon electrodes film electrodes microelectrodes chemically modified electrodes mercury electrodes solvents and supporting electrolytes electrochemial studies at reduced temperature electroanalytical chemistry in molten salts vacuum line techniques electrochemistry in the dry box digital simulation of electrochemical phenomena evaluation of mechanisms of transition metal complexes electrochemical preconcentration controlled-current coulometry application of electrochemistry to pharmaceutical analysis electrochemical detection in liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis photonic electrochemistry principles and techniques of electrochemical-electron paramagnetic resonance experiments.

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01 Jan 1994
TL;DR: In this paper, the authors present a general characterisation of electroanalytical techniques, including the double-layer structure of the double layer of the Electrodes double layer and the rate of charge transfer.
Abstract: Contents: Development and General Characterization of Electroanalytical Techniques. Structure of the Electrodes Double Layer. Electrodes. Transport of Electroactive Species to Electrodes. Rates of Electrode Processes. Electrode Processes controlled by Transport Rate: Diffusion Currents. Electrode Processes Controlled by the Rate of Charge Transfer. Equations of Electroanalytical Methods: Determination of Kinetic Parameters of Electrode Processes. Electrode Processes Preceded by First-order Chemical Reactions. Electrode Processes Followed by a First-order Chemical Reaction. Catalytic Electrode Processes. Electrode Processes Associated with Chemical Reactions of Second and Higher Orders. ECE Processes. Electroanalytical Investigation of Complexes. References. Index.

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TL;DR: This article overviews recent work in this area which has led it to believe that much of the catalytic activity, electron transfer and chemical reactivity of graphitic carbon electrodes is at surface defect sites, and in particular edge-plane-like defect sites.

895 citations

21 Aug 1975
TL;DR: In this article, the theory of membrane potentials in ion-selective electrodes is discussed and principal properties of these electrodes are investigated, and Voltammetry at the interface of two immiscible electrolyte is presented.
Abstract: Preface 1. Introduction 2. The theory of membrane potentials 3. The theory of membrane potentials in ion-selective electrodes 4. Principal properties of ion-selective electrodes 5. Experimental techniques 6. Ion-selective electrodes with solid or glassy membranes 7. Ion-selective electrodes with liquid membranes 8. Potentiometric biosensors 9. Voltammetry at the interface of two immiscible electrolyte Appendix Index.

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TL;DR: A review of recent advances in electrode material and a configuration of both the anode and cathode in MFCs are provided and the modification methods for the anodic electrode are summarized.

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