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15 Oct 1991-
Abstract: A surgical instrument useful for laparoscopic surgery comprising an insulated shaft, a control means and a connection to an electrosurgical radiofrequency power source, its distal end being of general J-hook form having a tissue-engaging ledge, and the shaft supporting a tissue-engaging clamping or cutting member movable toward the ledge in response to the control means so that an artery or other tissue in the pocket of the J-hook can be clamped or cut while radiofrequency current is applied. Instrument constructions disclosed incorporate one or two clamping members and a cutting member arranged such that with actuation, the clamping member(s) engages the ledge before the cutting member, and, by selective actuation of the electrosurgical power source, coagulation current can be applied while clamping an artery or other tissue against the ledge to stop flow of blood, and by further actuation of the control and suitable current to the cutting member, the artery or tissue may be cut. Selector means enable movement of one and prevent movement of one of the members during actuation; bipolar or monopolar energization is employed; the relatively long leg of the J-member has portals. Communicating through a lumen in the shaft for infusion or aspiration of fluid; the distal end surface of the J-hook defines a cutting edge for blunt dissection; and the control means comprises a single actuatable member by actuator rods for sealing clamp and cutting members, while a compression spring associated with the actuating rod of the sealing clamp member compresses when the clamp member is stopped, in clamping action upon the artery or tissue while cutting of tissue thereafter proceeds. A diamond film on tissue-engaging surfaces of a clamp, grasping or cutting surgical instrument improves heat transfer between tissue and instrument. more

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30 Jan 2007-
Abstract: A surgical cutting and fastening instrument is disclosed. According to various embodiments, the instrument includes an end effector comprising an elongate channel, a clamping member pivotably connected to the channel, and a moveable cutting instrument for traversing the channel to cut an object clamped in the end effector by the clamping member when the clamping member is in a clamped position. The instrument may also comprise a main drive shaft assembly for actuating the cutting instrument in the end effector, a gear drive train connected to the main drive shaft assembly, and a motor for actuating the gear drive train. The instrument may also includes a closure trigger and a firing trigger, separate from the closure trigger, for actuating the motor when the firing trigger is retracted. Also, the instrument may comprise a mechanical closure system connected to the closure trigger and to the clamping member for causing the clamping member to pivot to the clamped position when the closure trigger is retracted. more

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06 Oct 2003-
Abstract: A surgical stapler (10) which includes or onto which a tool assembly (100, 200)can be mounted for deforming a plurality of surgical fasteners through and fastening tissue includes a housing (12) having a fixed handle (65) and a clamping handle (65) mountable to the housing The clamping handle is selectively movable relative to the fixed handle from a first position in spaced relation relative to the fixed handle to a second position closer to the fixed handle to actuate the clamping of tissue An adapter yoke (595) is included which translates within the housing upon actuation of the clamping handle The adapter yoke mechanically cooperates with a lead screw (555) to actuate the tool assembly to clamp tissue A drive assembly (520) is also included for rotating a shaft (521) which mechanically engages the lead screw Upon selective activation of the drive assembly, the shaft rotates the lead screw to advance a roll nut (575) and force a firing piston into the tool assembly to deform the surgical fasteners through and fasten the tissue more

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Richard L. Grant1, Mark S. Zeiner1, Geoff Hueil1, Kenneth S. Wales1  +1 moreInstitutions (1)
03 May 2002-
Abstract: An assembly for releasably attaching a buttress material onto a tissue clamping member of a surgical stapling device is disclosed. The assembly has a substantially rigid frame for connecting to a top surface of a tissue clamping member of a surgical stapling device when the assembly is disposed thereon. A buttress material is attached to first and second sides of the frame for abutting against a bottom surface of a tissue clamping member of a surgical stapling device when the assembly is disposed thereon. more

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10 Oct 1997-
Abstract: An ultrasonic surgical clamp coagulator apparatus is configured to effect cutting, coagulation, and clamping of tissue by cooperation of a clamping mechanism of the apparatus with an associated ultrasonic end-effector. In order to limit the force with which tissue is clamped between a clamp arm of the clamping mechanism and the end-effector, the clamping mechanism includes a force-limiting spring which operatively connects an operating lever of the apparatus and components of the clamp drive mechanism. The force-limiting spring is preferably pre-loaded so that the interconnection of the associated components is desirably "stiff", thus providing a user with good tactile feedback during operation of the clamping mechanism. At least one travel stop is preferably provided on the apparatus housing for limiting movement of the operating lever after a predetermined degree of relative movement of the operating components in opposition to the force-limiting spring. more

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