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Condensation polymer

About: Condensation polymer is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 10284 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 185497 citation(s). The topic is also known as: condensation polymerization & step-growth polymerization. more

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01 Jan 2003-
Abstract: VOLUME 1. Acetylenic Polymers, Substituted. Acrylamide Polymers. Acrylic (and Methacrylic) Acid Polymers. Acrylic Ester Polymers. Acrylonitrile and Acrylonitrile Polymers. Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Polymers. Additives. Adhesion. Adhesive Compounds. Aging, Physical. Alkyd Resins. Am,ino Resins and Plastics. Antifoaming Agents. Atomic Force Microscopy. Biotechnology Applications. Bloack Copolymers. Bloack Copolymers, Ternary Triblock. Blow Molding. Chitin and Chitosan. Chromatography, Affinity. Chromatography, HPLC. Chromatography, Size Exclusion. Coating Methods, Survey. Coatings. VOLUME 2 Coextrusion. Colorants. Coloring Processes. Composites, Fabrication. Conformation and Configuration. Critical Phase Polymerizations. Cyclohexanedimethanol Polyesters. Dendronized Polymers. Dental Applications. Diacethylene and Triacethylene Polymers. Elasticity, Rubber-Like. Electronic Packaging. Electrooptical Applications. Engineering, Thermoplastics, Overview. Enzymatic Polymerization. Ethylene Polymers, Chlorosulfonated. Ethylene Polymers, HDPE. Ethylene Polymers, LDPE. Ehtylene Polymers, LLDPE. Ethylene-Acrylic Elastomers. Ethylene-Norbornene Copolymers. Extrusion. Films, Orientation. Fluorocarbon Elastomers. Fractography. Fracture. Glass Transition. Hardness. Hydrogels. Hyperbranched Polymers. VOLUME 3 Injection Molding. Inorganic Polymers. Laser Light Scattering. Light-Emiting Diodes. Lignin. Liquid Crystalline Polymers, Main-Chain. Liquid Crystalline Thermosets. Mass Spectrometry. Membrane Technology. Methacrylic Ester Polymers. Micromechanical Properties. Modeling of Polymer Processing and Properties. Nanocomposites, Polymer-Clay. Packaging, Flexible. Perfluorinated Polymers, Perfluorinated Ethylene-Propylene Copolymers. Perfluorinated Polymers Polytetrafluoroethylene. Perfluorinated Polymers Tetrafluoroethylene-Ethylene Copolymers. Perfluorinated Polymers, Tetrafluoroethylene-Perfluorinated Copolymers. Perfluorinated Polymers. Tetrafluoroethylene-Perfluorovinyl Ether Copolymers. Phosgene. Phosphorus-Containing Polymers and Oligomers. Piezoelectric Polymers. Plasticizers. Poly(3-Hydroxyalkanoates). Poly(Trimethylene Terephthalate). Polyamides, Atomatic. Polyamides, Fibers. Polyamides, Plastics. Polycyanoacrylates. Polyesters, Fibers. Polyketones. Polynucleotides. Polysulfides. VOLUME 4 Polysulfones. Polyurethanes. Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive. Reinforcement. Release Agents. Shape-Memory Polymers. Single-Site Catalysis. Stabilization. Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR). Styrene Polymers. Sulfur-Containing Polymers. Surface Properties. Syndiotactic Polystyrene. Vinyl Fluoride Polymers (PVF). Vinylidene Chloride Polymers. Vinylidene Fluoride Polymers. Viscoelasticity. Weathering. more

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01 Jan 1997-
Abstract: Vol 1: From electron acceptor molecules to photoinduced intramolecular electron transfer systems perylene based conductors tetrachalcogenafulvalenes, metal 1,2-dichalcogenolenes and their conductive salts conductive hetero-TCNQs molecular metals and superconductors based on transition metal complexes conductivity and superconductivity in doped fullerenes electrochemistry of fullerenes photophysics, charge separation and associated device applications of conjugated polymer/fullerene composites photoconductivity in fullerenes organic photoconductive materials for xenographic photoreceptors photoconductive polymers graphite intercalation compounds electrically conductive metallophthalocyanines electrically conductive Langmuir-Blogett films magnetism of stable organic radical crystals. Vol 2: Polyacetylene electrically conductive polyacetylene copolymers perconjugated organic polymer - early synthesis attempts and applications electrochemical synthesis of polyheterocycles and their applications (-conductive polymers prepared by organometallic polycondensation poly(p-phenylenes) - preparation techniques and general properties synthesis and properties of processable polythiophenes molecular conductive materials - from polythiophenes to oligothiophenes charge-state incorporation in bis-thienyl polyenes and thienylene polyenylene oligomers and polymers polypyrroles - from basic research to technological applications polythiophene and polypyrrole copolymers polyanilines electrically conductive polytoluidines silicon containing thiophene monomers, oligomers and polymers - synthesis, characterization and properties silicon and germanium containing conductive polymers polyazines - synthesis, structure, spectroscopy and conducting properties conductive metallophthalocyanine polymers conductive polymer blends and composites organometallic conductive polymers self-doped conductive polymers. Vol 3: Crystallography of conductive polymers the structure of polythiophenes photoelectron spectroscopy of conductive polymers spectroelectrochemistry and spectroscopy of conducting polymers structural investigation of soluble conjugated polymers and modification of their structure at submicron scale with a scanning force microscope magnetic properties of conducting polymers Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance (ODMR) Studies of conjugated polymer films, LEDs, and fullerenes microwave properties of conductives polymers electrochemistry of conjugated polymers electrocatalytic properties of conductive polymers due to dispersion physical and spectroscopic properties of polypyrrole films containing transition metal complexes as counteranions thin film properties of oligothiophenes electrochroism in polyanilines thermochromism and solvatochromism in polythiophenes degradation and stability of conductive polymers. Vol 4: Transport in conducting polymers electronic structure of (conjugated polymers). (Part contents) more

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01 Jan 1995-
Abstract: Physical Properties and Physical Chemistry of Polymers.- Free-Radical Chain-Growth Polymerization.- Ionic Chain-Growth Polymerization.- Ring-Opening Polymerizations.- Common Chain-Growth Polymers.- Step-Growth Polymerization and Step-Growth Polymers.- Naturally Occurring Polymers.- Reactivity and Chemical Modifications of Polymers.- Polymeric Materials for Special Applications. more

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C Gao1, Deyue Yan1Institutions (1)
Abstract: Over the past 15 years, hyperbranched polymers have received much attention due to their unique chemical and physical properties as well as their potential applications in coatings, additives, drug and gene delivery, macromolecular building blocks, nanotechnology, and supramolecular science. Hyperbranched polymers can be prepared by means of singlemonomer methodology (SMM) and double-monomer methodology (DMM). In SMM, the polymerization of an ABn or latent ABn monomer leads to hyperbranched macromolecules. SMM consists of at least four components: (1) polycondensation of ABn monomers; (2) self-condensing vinyl polymerization; (3) self-condensing ring-opening polymerization; (4) proton-transfer polymerization. In DMM, direct polymerization of two suitable monomers or a monomer pair gives rise to hyperbranched polymers. A classical example of DMM, the polymerization of A2 and Bn ðn . 2Þ monomers, is well known. Recently, a novel DMM based on the in situ formation of ABn intermediates from specific monomer pairs has been developed. This form of DMM is designated as ‘couple-monomer methodology’ (CMM) to clearly represent the method of polymerization. Many commercially available chemicals can be used as the monomers in these systems, which should extend the availability and accessibility of hyperbranched polymers with various new end groups, architectures and properties. Because a number of comprehensive reviews have been published on SMM, research involving DMM is emphasized here. In addition, recent developments in the modification, functionalization and application of hyperbranched polymers are described. q 2004 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. more

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23 Jul 1996-
Abstract: Additives Biodegradable Polymers Biomaterials for the Body Biomimetic Materials Biosensors Blends Block Copolymers Block Copolymer Micelles Comb-like Polymers Commercial Resins, Plastics, Elastomers Composites Compatibilizers Conducting Polymers Contact Lens Materials Controlled Release Dendrictic Polymers Dendrimers Dental Polymers Immobilized Enzymes Electrorheological Fluids Engineering Plastics Ferroelectric Polymers Ferromagnetic Polymers Fillers Flame-Resistant Material Flocculants Fluorine-containing Polymers Functional Polymers Gas Barrier Polymers Gas Separation Membranes Gelling Agents Group Transfer Polymerization Cyclopolymerization Hair and Skin Care Polymers Hairy Rod-Like Polymers High Solids Coatings Host-Guest Chemistry Hydrophilic Polymers Hydrophilic Surfaces Hydrogels Hyper-Branched Polymers Immortal Polymerization Inclusion Polymerization Inorganic/Organic Hybrids Interpenetrating Polymer Networks Ionomers Ladder Polymers Liquid Crystalline Polymers Living Polymers (Radical, Cation, Anion, and Coordination) Macrocyclic Polymers Macromonomers Membranes Metallocene Catalysis Metal Complexation Polymers Microbial Polymers Microencapsulated particles Microspheres Molecular Assemblies Molecular Complexes Molecular Composites Molecular Recognition Monodisperse Particles Monodisperse Polymers Network Polymers New Catalysts Systems New Fabrics New Initiating Systems New Living Polymer Systems New Polymerization Methods New Resins Nonlinear Optical Materials Nonthrombogenic Polymers Nucleic Acid Analogs Olefin-Carbon Monoxide Copolymers Optically Active Polymers Organometallic Polymers Pervaporation Membranes Phase Transfer Catalysts Phosphorous-Containing Polymers Photochromic Polymers Photoinitiators New Polymer Systems Poly (Ether Ketone) Poly (Ether Sulfone) Polyelectrolytes Polyelectrolyte Complexes Polyesters Polyimides Polymers from Natural Resources Polysilanes Preceramic Polymers Recycling Ring-Opening Polymerization Smart Materials Star Polymers Supramolecular Assembly Surface Modification Polymeric Surfactants Suture Materials Thermoplastic Composites Thermoreversible Gels Water-Borne Coatings Ziegler-Natta Catalysts Zwitterionic Polymerization more

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