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Conservation law

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01 Jan 1941
Abstract: Introduction Part I: Representation formulas for solutions: Four important linear partial differential equations Nonlinear first-order PDE Other ways to represent solutions Part II: Theory for linear partial differential equations: Sobolev spaces Second-order elliptic equations Linear evolution equations Part III: Theory for nonlinear partial differential equations: The calculus of variations Nonvariational techniques Hamilton-Jacobi equations Systems of conservation laws Appendices Bibliography Index.

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Abstract: New numerical algorithms are devised (PSC algorithms) for following fronts propagating with curvature-dependent speed. The speed may be an arbitrary function of curvature, and the front can also be passively advected by an underlying flow. These algorithms approximate the equations of motion, which resemble Hamilton-Jacobi equations with parabolic right-hand-sides, by using techniques from the hyperbolic conservation laws. Non-oscillatory schemes of various orders of accuracy are used to solve the equations, providing methods that accurately capture the formation of sharp gradients and cusps in the moving fronts. The algorithms handle topological merging and breaking naturally, work in any number of space dimensions, and do not require that the moving surface be written as a function. The methods can be used also for more general Hamilton-Jacobi-type problems. The algorithms are demonstrated by computing the solution to a variety of surface motion problems.

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Abstract: Several numerical schemes for the solution of hyperbolic conservation laws are based on exploiting the information obtained by considering a sequence of Riemann problems. It is argued that in existing schemes much of this information is degraded and that only certain features of the exact solution are worth striving for. It is shown that these features can be obtained by constructing a matrix with a certain “Property U.” Matrices having this property are exhibited for the equations of steady and unsteady gasdynamics. In order to construct them, it is found helpful to introduce “parameter vectors” which notably simplify the structure of the conservation laws.

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01 Jan 2002
Abstract: Preface 1. Introduction 2. Conservation laws and differential equations 3. Characteristics and Riemann problems for linear hyperbolic equations 4. Finite-volume methods 5. Introduction to the CLAWPACK software 6. High resolution methods 7. Boundary conditions and ghost cells 8. Convergence, accuracy, and stability 9. Variable-coefficient linear equations 10. Other approaches to high resolution 11. Nonlinear scalar conservation laws 12. Finite-volume methods for nonlinear scalar conservation laws 13. Nonlinear systems of conservation laws 14. Gas dynamics and the Euler equations 15. Finite-volume methods for nonlinear systems 16. Some nonclassical hyperbolic problems 17. Source terms and balance laws 18. Multidimensional hyperbolic problems 19. Multidimensional numerical methods 20. Multidimensional scalar equations 21. Multidimensional systems 22. Elastic waves 23. Finite-volume methods on quadrilateral grids Bibliography Index.

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01 Jan 1990
Abstract: I Mathematical Theory- 1 Introduction- 11 Conservation laws- 12 Applications- 13 Mathematical difficulties- 14 Numerical difficulties- 15 Some references- 2 The Derivation of Conservation Laws- 21 Integral and differential forms- 22 Scalar equations- 23 Diffusion- 3 Scalar Conservation Laws- 31 The linear advection equation- 311 Domain of dependence- 312 Nonsmooth data- 32 Burgers' equation- 33 Shock formation- 34 Weak solutions- 35 The Riemann Problem- 36 Shock speed- 37 Manipulating conservation laws- 38 Entropy conditions- 381 Entropy functions- 4 Some Scalar Examples- 41 Traffic flow- 411 Characteristics and "sound speed"- 42 Two phase flow- 5 Some Nonlinear Systems- 51 The Euler equations- 511 Ideal gas- 512 Entropy- 52 Isentropic flow- 53 Isothermal flow- 54 The shallow water equations- 6 Linear Hyperbolic Systems 58- 61 Characteristic variables- 62 Simple waves- 63 The wave equation- 64 Linearization of nonlinear systems- 641 Sound waves- 65 The Riemann Problem- 651 The phase plane- 7 Shocks and the Hugoniot Locus- 71 The Hugoniot locus- 72 Solution of the Riemann problem- 721 Riemann problems with no solution- 73 Genuine nonlinearity- 74 The Lax entropy condition- 75 Linear degeneracy- 76 The Riemann problem- 8 Rarefaction Waves and Integral Curves- 81 Integral curves- 82 Rarefaction waves- 83 General solution of the Riemann problem- 84 Shock collisions- 9 The Riemann problem for the Euler equations- 91 Contact discontinuities- 92 Solution to the Riemann problem- II Numerical Methods- 10 Numerical Methods for Linear Equations- 101 The global error and convergence- 102 Norms- 103 Local truncation error- 104 Stability- 105 The Lax Equivalence Theorem- 106 The CFL condition- 107 Upwind methods- 11 Computing Discontinuous Solutions- 111 Modified equations- 1111 First order methods and diffusion- 1112 Second order methods and dispersion- 112 Accuracy- 12 Conservative Methods for Nonlinear Problems- 121 Conservative methods- 122 Consistency- 123 Discrete conservation- 124 The Lax-Wendroff Theorem- 125 The entropy condition- 13 Godunov's Method- 131 The Courant-Isaacson-Rees method- 132 Godunov's method- 133 Linear systems- 134 The entropy condition- 135 Scalar conservation laws- 14 Approximate Riemann Solvers- 141 General theory- 1411 The entropy condition- 1412 Modified conservation laws- 142 Roe's approximate Riemann solver- 1421 The numerical flux function for Roe's solver- 1422 A sonic entropy fix- 1423 The scalar case- 1424 A Roe matrix for isothermal flow- 15 Nonlinear Stability- 151 Convergence notions- 152 Compactness- 153 Total variation stability- 154 Total variation diminishing methods- 155 Monotonicity preserving methods- 156 l1-contracting numerical methods- 157 Monotone methods- 16 High Resolution Methods- 161 Artificial Viscosity- 162 Flux-limiter methods- 1621 Linear systems- 163 Slope-limiter methods- 1631 Linear Systems- 1632 Nonlinear scalar equations- 1633 Nonlinear Systems- 17 Semi-discrete Methods- 171 Evolution equations for the cell averages- 172 Spatial accuracy- 173 Reconstruction by primitive functions- 174 ENO schemes- 18 Multidimensional Problems- 181 Semi-discrete methods- 182 Splitting methods- 183 TVD Methods- 184 Multidimensional approaches

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