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About: Consumables is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 976 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 6201 citation(s). The topic is also known as: consumable goods & nondurable goods. more

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Abstract: Transition joints in power plants between ferritic steels and austenitic stainless steels suffer from a mismatch in coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) and the migration of carbon during service from the ferritic to the austenitic steel. To overcome these, nickel-based consumables are commonly used. The use of a trimetallic combination with an insert piece of intermediate CTE provides for a more effective lowering of thermal stresses. The current work envisages a trimetallic joint involving modified 9Cr–1Mo steel and 316LN austenitic stainless steel as the base materials and Alloy 800 as the intermediate piece. Of the two joints involved, this paper describes the choice of welding consumables for the joint between Alloy 800 and 316LN. Four consumables were examined: 316, 16-8-2, Inconel 82 and Inconel 182. The comparative evaluation was based on hot cracking tests and estimation of mechanical properties and coefficient of thermal expansion. While 16-8-2 exhibited highest resistance to solidification cracking, the Inconel filler materials also showed adequate resistance; additionally, the latter were superior from the mechanical property and coefficient of thermal expansion view-points. It is therefore concluded that for the joint between Alloy 800 and 316LN the Inconel filler materials offer the best compromise. more

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04 Aug 2000-
Abstract: A removable cassette for a photoprinter includes a reservoir containing a consumable source of ink adapted to be used by the photoprinter for printing, and a consumable supply of printable media sheets adapted to be printed upon by the photoprinter using the source of ink. The consumable source of ink for use with the photoprinter, and the printable media sheets for use with the photoprinter in conjunction with the consumable source of ink, wherein the consumable source of ink and the printable media sheets are integrated into the cassette removable from the photoprinter. more

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25 Jun 2003-
Abstract: Information pertaining to characteristics of consumables such as metal welding electrode wire and shielding gas and which characteristics are useful in connection with adjusting welding parameters in an arc welding process and/or selecting between operating modes in a welding system are encoded on welding wire and/or on other memory components such as bar code labels and tags, RFID cards and tags, IC cards, and Touch Memory buttons, and the memory device is scanned prior to and/or at the point of use of the welding wire or shielding gas for enabling tracking of product distribution, manual and/or automatic selection of an operating mode for the welding system, manual and/or automatic adjustment of welding parameters in a given operating mode, consumables inventory, and the like. more

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11 Jun 2001-
Abstract: A computer program, method, and system for dynamically and interactively providing nutrition content information for consumables such that a user may monitor, tailor, plan, and review their intake thereof in light of a health-related interest or concern, such as, for example, weight-loss, food allergies, or diabetes or other nutrition affected illnesses or disabilities Consumables are categorized and displayed in lists associated with an appropriate color to draw attention to relative nutrition content and to facilitate quicker and easier evaluation of a consumable of interest Summaries are provided of a user's actual intake in light of a pre-established target intake for a particular day Detailed reports may be generated showing consumption over a user-specifiable time period more

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