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Cover (telecommunications)

About: Cover (telecommunications) is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 4261 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 30755 citation(s).
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06 Jun 2021
Abstract: We describe the evolution of the network over a time-scale of 10 years. We cover the merger of photonics and electronics, optical switching, reliance on data-center technologies and architectural evolution.

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Wegner Brett1, Eric B. Hudak1, Kenneth S. Hanna1, Huibregtse Mark J1  +3 moreInstitutions (1)
01 Jun 2021

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T. Manikandan1, A. Muruganandham, R Babuji, V. Nandalal2  +1 moreInstitutions (2)
01 Jun 2021
Abstract: The main aim is to secure the medical records by ensuring safe communication between the sender and the receiver by adding multiple layers of security. This project is a combined approach of both encryption and steganography to give security the utmost importance. In the sender, only the authorized person can send the secret image to the receiver. In the first stage, an image steganography system is processed using confidential medical X-ray images which are hidden under the cover images. The encryption method used is based on Random Number Generator and the pixel indicator, in other words, by moving the position of the pixel in the image to encrypt the image on the transmitting side. Whereas on the receiver side, this project proposes a method to authenticate the receiver by incorporating Email Authentication and OTP Verification to decrypt the encrypted image.

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27 May 2021
Abstract: The present invention makes it possible to reduce time and effort for reading information written on a business card. A case 100 for a mobile information terminal according to an embodiment of the present invention is removably attached to the mobile information terminal, and comprises: a rear cover 101 for covering the back surface of the mobile information terminal; a front cover 102 for covering the front surface of the mobile information terminal and capable of holding a business card; and an imaging-assisting part 150 including an optical member for guiding light from the business card held by the front cover 102 to a camera provided to the mobile information terminal and/or including an external camera for inputting a captured image of the business card held by the front cover 102 to the mobile information terminal.

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Abstract: The use of the internet in this modern era is increased many fold. The communications between different peers take place in digital form. While sharing the messages between different recipients, the confidentiality of the messages is very important. For creating the high level of security while sharing the secret messages, the cryptographic algorithms are introduced along with steganography. Image Steganography is a methodology used to hide the messages inside of the cover image. Initially, the secret information is encrypted by using the RSA Algorithm. Then the encrypted secret information is hidden in the Least Significant Bit (LSB) of the different components of the color image in such a way that the original quality of the image to be minimized. The recipient of the message is able to retrieve the encrypted secret message from the LSB bit of stego_image and then the cipher text is converted into original plain text by using the RSA algorithm. The proposed algorithm verified and analysed its performance against the different combinations of key pairs.

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