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Critical heat flux

About: Critical heat flux is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 12771 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 257712 citation(s). more

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Chia-Jung Hsu1Institutions (1)
Abstract: (1981). Numerical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow. Nuclear Science and Engineering: Vol. 78, No. 2, pp. 196-197. more

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01 Jan 1994-
Abstract: Introduction 1. The basic models 2. Empirical treatments of two-phase flow 3. Introduction to convective boiling 4. Subcooled boiling heat transfer 5. Void fraction and pressure drop in subcooled boiling 6. Saturated boiling heat transfer 7. Critical heat flux in forced convective flow - 1. Vertical uniformly heated tubes 8. Critical heat flux in forced convective flow - 2. More complex situations 9. Condensation 10. Conditions influencing the performance of boiling and condensing systems 11. Multi-component boiling and condensation Appendix Index more

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01 Oct 2004-
Abstract: Part 1 Introduction: definitions and principles. Part 2 Fluid mechanics: fluid statics and its applications fluid flow phenomena basic equations of fluid flow flow of incompressible fluids in conduits and thin layers flow of compressible fluids flow past immersed bodies transportation and metering of fluids agitation and mixing of liquids. Part 3 Heat transfer and its applications: heat transfer by conduction principles of heat flow in fluids heat transfer to fluids without phase change heat transfer to fluids with heat change radiation heat transfer heat-exchange equipment evaporation. Part 4 Mass transfer and its applications: equilibrium stage operations distillation introduction to multicomponent distillation leaching and extraction principles of diffusion and mass transfer between phases gas absorption humidification operations drying of solids adsorption membrane separation processes crystallization. Part 5 Operations involving particulate solids properties, handling and mixing of particulate solids size reduction mechanical separations. more

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01 Nov 1997-
Abstract: Part 1 Fundamentals: basic concepts of thermodynamics and heat transfer heat conduction steady heat conduction transient heat conduction numerical methods in heat transfer forced convection natural convection boiling and condensation radiation heat transfer heat exchangers mass transfer. Part 2 Applications: heating and cooling of buildings refrigeration and freezing of foods cooling of electronic equipment property tables and charts (SI units and English units) about the software. more

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