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Current transformer

About: Current transformer is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 24211 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 134243 citation(s). The topic is also known as: CT & electric current transformer.
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Abstract: The solid-state transformer (SST), which has been regarded as one of the 10 most emerging technologies by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Technology Review in 2010, has gained increasing importance in the future power distribution system. This paper presents a systematical technology review essential for the development and application of SST in the distribution system. The state-of-the-art technologies of four critical areas are reviewed, including high-voltage power devices, high-power and high-frequency transformers, ac/ac converter topologies, and applications of SST in the distribution system. In addition, future research directions are presented. It is concluded that the SST is an emerging technology for the future distribution system.

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01 Sep 1990-
Abstract: FUNDAMENTALS. Units. Fundamentals of Electricity and Magnetism. Fundamentals of Mechanics and Heat. ELECTRICAL MACHINES AND TRANSFORMERS. Direct Current Generators. Direct Current Motors. Efficiency and Heating of Electrical Machines. Active, Reactive, and Apparent Power. Three-Phase Circuits. The Ideal Transformer. Practical Transformers. Special Transformers. Three-Phase Transformers. Three-Phase Induction Motors. Selection and Application of Three-Phase Induction Motors. Equivalent Circuit of the Induction Motor. Synchronous Generators. Synchronous Motors. Single-Phase Motors. Stepper Motors. ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC DRIVES. Basics of Industrial Motor Control. Fundamental Elements of Power Electronics. Electronic Control of Direct Current Motors. Electronic Control of Alternating Current Motors. ELECTRIC UTILITY POWER SYSTEMS. Generation of Electrical Energy. Transmission of Electrical Energy. Distribution of Electrical Energy. The Cost of Electricity. Direct Current Transmission. Transmission and Distribution: Solid State Controllers. Answers to Problems.

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20 Apr 1983-
Abstract: A device for incorporation into the power supply circuit of an electrical apparatus comprising (a) a switch which is movable from one condition to another on application of power to the switch and which is held in the moved condition, as long as power is applied to the switch; (b) a signal emitter adapted to emit a power signal of short duration and being connected to the switch so that on emission of the power signal the switch will be moved to the other condition for the duration of the power signal; and (c) a current detector capable of detecting when a current flows in a line and being connected to the switch to supply power thereto when current flows in the line. The current detector may be a light emitting diode (L.E.D.) and a light detector arranged to transmit current to a relay switch coil which is electrically connected to the line by a current transformer.

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Abstract: The distribution transformer has been in use by utilities throughout the twentieth century. Until now, it has consisted of a configuration of iron or steel cores and copper/aluminum coils, with mineral oil serving as both coolant and dielectric medium. Inherent in this type of construction are regulation, significant weight, losses, environmental concerns, and power quality issues. A new kind of distribution transformer is proposed for the twenty-first century, one that can be made self-regulating, oil-free, and able to correct power quality problems. A power electronic transformer has been analyzed, simulated, prototyped, and tested. Results of this effort, as well as the novel features of this new type of transformer, are discussed herein.

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Abstract: Full-order continuous-time average modeling and dynamic analysis of bidirectional dc-dc dual active bridge (DAB) converters are studied. The transformer current in DAB converter is purely ac, making continuous-time modeling difficult. The proposed full-order continuous-time average model uses the dc terms and first order terms of transformer current and capacitor voltage as state variables, resulting in a third-order model, if capacitor equivalent series resistance (ESR) is not considered, and a sixth-order model if ESR is considered. A control-to-output-voltage transfer function is derived for DAB converters. Experimental results confirm that the proposed model correctly predicts the small-signal frequency response and an even more accurate prediction can be obtained if capacitor ESR is taken into account.

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