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Diesel generator

About: Diesel generator is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, 4028 publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving 42855 citation(s). The topic is also known as: diesel genset. more

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TL;DR: The proposed EMS is implemented for a microgrid composed of photovoltaic panels, two wind turbines, a diesel generator and an energy storage system and the results show the economic sense of the proposal. more

Abstract: A novel energy management system (EMS) based on a rolling horizon (RH) strategy for a renewable-based microgrid is proposed. For each decision step, a mixed integer optimization problem based on forecasting models is solved. The EMS provides online set points for each generation unit and signals for consumers based on a demand-side management (DSM) mechanism. The proposed EMS is implemented for a microgrid composed of photovoltaic panels, two wind turbines, a diesel generator and an energy storage system. A coherent forecast information scheme and an economic comparison framework between the RH and the standard unit commitment (UC) are proposed. Solar and wind energy forecasting are based on phenomenological models with updated data. A neural network for two-day-ahead electric consumption forecasting is also designed. The system is tested using real data sets from an existent microgrid in Chile (ESUSCON). The results based on different operation conditions show the economic sense of the proposal. A full practical implementation of the system for ESUSCON is envisioned. more

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S. Ashok1Institutions (1)
01 Jun 2007-Renewable Energy
Abstract: Hybrid energy system is an excellent solution for electrification of remote rural areas where the grid extension is difficult and not economical. Such system incorporates a combination of one or several renewable energy sources such as solar photovoltaic, wind energy, micro-hydro and may be conventional generators for backup. This paper discusses different system components of hybrid energy system and develops a general model to find an optimal combination of energy components for a typical rural community minimizing the life cycle cost. The developed model will help in sizing hybrid energy system hardware and in selecting the operating options. Micro-hydro-wind systems are found to be the optimal combination for the electrification of the rural villages in Western Ghats (Kerala) India, based on the case study. The optimal operation shows a unit cost of Rs. 6.5/kW h with the selected hybrid energy system with 100% renewable energy contribution eliminating the need for conventional diesel generator. more

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M. Kayikci, Jovica V. Milanovic1Institutions (1)
Abstract: The paper investigates contribution of doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) to system frequency responses. Impact of different governor settings and system inertia are investigated. Three distinct cases are simulated in order to illustrate the influence of DFIG penetration on frequency regulation. Provision of inertial response by DFIG through artificial speed coupling is also presented. The effects of the inertial response on the machine behavior and its significance for frequency regulation are discussed. The influence of converter current limits and auxiliary loop parameters on the inertial response are illustrated and a novel control algorithm is developed for extracting maximum energy from the turbine in a stable manner. The results of the study are illustrated on the example of an isolated power system consisting of a diesel generator and a DFIG. more

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Abstract: A hybrid power system uses many wind turbine generators in isolated small islands. The output power of wind turbine generators is mostly fluctuating and has an effect on system frequency. In order to solve this problem, we propose a new power system using renewable energy in small, isolated islands. The system can supply high-quality power using an aqua electrolyzer, fuel cell, renewable energy, and diesel generator. The generated hydrogen by an aqua electrolyzer is used as fuel for a fuel cell. The simulation results are given to demonstrate the availability of the proposed system in this paper. more

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01 Nov 2002-Fuel
Abstract: Pure palm oil may be employed in diesel engines as an alternative fuel. Engine performance and emissions were influenced by basic differences between diesel fuel and palm oils such as mass based heating values, viscosity, density and molecular oxygen content. The high viscosity of palm oil resulted in poor atomisation, carbon deposits, clogging of fuel lines and starting difficulties in low temperatures. When heated at 100 °C palm oil presented lower viscosity, better combustion and less deposits. Tests were conducted in a naturally aspirated MWM 229 direct injection four-stroke 70 kW diesel-generator fueslled with 100% palm oil. more

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